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    • Revisiting methodological issues in transcript analysis: Negotiated coding and reliability 

      Garrison, D. Randy; Cleveland-Innes, Martha; Koole, Marguerite; Kappelman, James (The Internet and Higher Education, 2006-02-28)
      Transcript analysis is an important methodology to study asynchronous online educational discourse. The purpose of this study is to revisit reliability and validity issues associated with transcript analysis. The goal is ...
    • Framework for the Rational Analysis of Mobile Education (FRAME) Model: Revising the ABCs of Educational Practices 

      Koole, Marguerite; Ally, Mohamed (Networking, International Conference on Systems and International Conference on Mobile Communications and Learning Technologies, 2006. ICN/ICONS/MCL 2006. International Conference on, 2006-04-23)
      The Framework for the Rational Analysis of Mobile Education (FRAME) model was originally developed as a basis for assessing the effectiveness of mobile devices for distance learning [1]. The FRAME model is the first ...
    • The Framework for the Rational Analysis of Mobile Education (Frame) Model: An Evaluation of Mobile Devices for Distance Education 

      Koole, Marguerite (2006-05-18)
      Mobile technology is a new and promising area of research in distance education. Currently, there are few if any descriptive models of mobile learning that can be used to develop appropriate pedagogical practices. This ...
    • Practical Issues in Mobile Education 

      Koole, Marguerite (Fourth IEEE International Workshop on Wireless, Mobile and Ubiquitous Technology in Education - (WMTE'06), 2006-11)
      Practitioners interested in integrating mobile technology effectively into distance learning programs need to consider both the benefits and limitations of such devices. This paper outlines some major limitations of mobile ...
    • Using Mobile Learning to Enhance the Quality of Nursing Practice Education 

      Park, Caroline L.; Kenny, Richard F.; Van Neste-Kenny, Jocelyne M.C.; Burton, Pamela A. (2007-10-18)
      The purpose of this paper is to review the research literature pertaining to the use of mobile devices in Nursing Education and assess the potential of mobile learning (m-learning) for Nursing practice education experiences ...
    • A Methodology for Developing Learning Objects for Web Course Delivery 

      Stauffer, Karen; Lin, Fuhua (Oscar); Koole, Marguerite (IGI Publishing, 2008-07)
      This paper presents a methodology for developing learning objects for Web-based courses using the IMS LD (Learning Design) specification. We first investigated the IMS LD specification, determining how to use it with ...
    • A Model for Framing Mobile Learning 

      Koole, Marguerite (AU Press, 2009-03)
      The Framework for the Rational Analysis of Mobile Education (FRAME) model describes mobile learning as a process resulting from the convergence of mobile technologies, human learning capacities, and social interaction. It ...
    • Mobile Learning in Distance Education: Utility or Futility 

      Koole, Marguerite; Letkeman McQuilkin, Janice; Ally, Mohamed (Journal of Distance Education, 2010)
      Can mobile technology improve flexibility and quality of interaction for graduate students in distance programs? This paper reports the results of an innovative study exploring the usability, learning, and social interaction ...
    • The Web of Identity: Selfhood and Belonging in Online Learning Networks 

      Koole, Marguerite (Seventh International Conference on Networked Learning 2010, 2010-05)
      In this paper, the reflexive relationship between social interaction and understanding of self in online learning networks is examined. In keeping with constructionism, we acknowledge the significance of social interaction ...

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