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  • "We should have brought a poetry grad student": Higher education and organised labour in The Expanse 

    Clitheroe, Heather; McCutcheon, Mark A. (Red Futures, 2023-07-06)
    From the introduction: “'We should have brought a poetry grad student' explores class in the series in relation to both higher education and organised labour. In particular, they draw out the representation of higher ...
  • Andromeda (disambiguation) 

    McCutcheon, Mark A. (Heartlines Spec, 2023-02)
    A personal essay on fandom, love, and friendship, prompted by reading and watching The Expanse. Originally published by Heartlines Spec, 16 Feb. 2023; open access at ...
  • The Expanse Season 6 [media review] 

    Clitheroe, Heather; McCutcheon, Mark A. (Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, 2022)
    A critical review of season 6 of the science fiction TV series The Expanse for the international SF journal Foundation.
  • List of Recommendations and Strategies for a Balanced Approach to Supporting Academic Integrity 

    Ives, Cindy; Kier, Cheryl (2023)
    Maintaining academic integrity is a growing concern for higher education, increasingly so due to the pivot to remote learning in 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We canvassed students, faculty, and tutors at an ...
  • File-naming Convention and Folder Organization Readme Template 

    Stobbs, Robyn (2022-09-17)
    This is a template for a plain text readme file. It is intended as a tool for research data management to describe file-naming conventions and folder organization. The readme should be stored in the top level folder of the ...

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