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  • AblePlayer and the Digital Reading Room 

    Elliott, Colin (2017)
    AblePlayer is being implemented in the DRR as an accessible way to embed videos across courses using DRRs. This player supports audio and video playback, keyboard controls, closed captioning, live transcripts, adjustable ...
  • The Digital Reading Room at Athabasca University 

    Elliott, Colin (2015)
    thabasca University Library has used a Digital Reading Room (DRR) to support courses for almost 10 years. While the old version of the DRR remained successful and functional, it was out of date and we embarked on a complete ...
  • The Open Library at AU (Athabasca University): supporting open access and open educational resources 

    Elliott, Colin; Fabbro, Elaine (Open Praxis, 2015)
    To address challenges that learners, course creators, librarians and academics involved with OER and MOOCs are facing when looking for scholarly materials, Athabasca University Library has initiated the development of ...
  • The Open Library at AU: Supporting Open Access and Open Educational Resources 

    Elliott, Colin; Fabbro, Elaine (, 2015)
    In recent years, there has been a shift toward “openness” in higher education, with the growth of Open Access and Open Educational Resources (OERs) and the advent of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). There is also ...
  • Stephen Harper as killer robot 

    McCutcheon, Mark A. (English Studies in Canada, 2017)
    In popular culture and public discourse, especially on the Internet, the image of Canada’s former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is conspicuously characterized and caricatured as robotic [...] Amidst popular culture’s hordes ...

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