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  • Tilly THD and Current 

    Connors, Martin; Guiilon, Sebastien (2020)
    Data from TIL
  • Distributed Teaching 

    Dron, Jon (Springer, 2019-11)
    The central phenomenon that this entry seeks to explore is that people with the job title of “teacher” are almost never the only teachers in a learning transaction, and autodidacts are almost never solely responsible for ...
  • AUTUMNX-GOES 13 Feb 2 2017 restricted 

    Connors, Martin (2020-03-02)
    GOES AUTUMNX data test
  • AUTUMNX PUVR 2017 Feb 2 

    Connors, Martin (2020-03-02)
    data from Puvurnituq (PUVR) Feb 2 2017 in local magnetic coordinates
  • AUTUMNX-GOES 13 Feb 2 2017 

    Connors, Martin (2020-03-02)
    Ground and space perturbations on Feb 2 2017

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