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  • P-learning’s unwelcome legacy 

    Dron, Jon (2016)
    Formal teaching of adults has evolved in a context de ned, initially, by the constraints of physical boundaries. Classroom walls directly entail timetables, norms and rules of behaviour, social segregation into organized ...
  • Recognizing and Responding to Depression in Dementia 

    Melrose, Sherri (SM Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health, 2017)
    One-third of people living with dementia also experience depression. Treating symptoms of depression may be a protective factor and reduce cognitive decline in dementia. People suffering from depression experience sad ...
  • Balancing Reflection and Validity in Health Profession Students‘ Self-Assessment 

    Melrose, Sherri (International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research, 2017-08)
    Students and practitioners in self-regulating health professions are expected to engage in reflective, valid self-assessment activities. However, self-assessment processes can be flawed. People may have a limited understanding ...
  • Navigating Systems Transition (Short version) 

    Lewis, Mike (2017-03-22)
    Revealing the contours of the next system, conceptually and practically, the following examples fall under the banner of “cooperative economic democracy.” Rooted in territories, and operating at multiple levels, cooperative ...
  • Seeking Pathways to Sustainable Food - Chapter 6 of The Resilience Imperative: Co-operative Transitions to a Steady State Economy 

    Lewis, Michael; Conaty, Patrick (New Society Publishers, 2012)
    This book chapter explores a range of models around the world for seeking pathways to sustainable food production and consumption. It addresses this theme from the overall perspective of the book, which explores a more ...

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