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  • Ethnomycological notes from Papua New Guinea 

    Treu, Roland; Adamson, Win (2006)
    The literature on the use of psychotropic fungi in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea has been reviewed. An attempt has been made to evaluate whether the previously reported “mushroom madness” still exists in the ...
  • Development of a user-friendly interface for the creation of user elements 

    Kinshuk (1996)
    The solution of the basic equations relating stiffness, displacement and force in finite element analysis is not trivial, partially due to the large numbers of equations involved. Various techniques have been developed for ...
  • Tenerife Presentation 

    Connors, Martin (2008-03-03)
    Workshop material about THEMIS
  • Designing the Undesignable: Social Software and Control 

    Dron, Jon (2008-02-28)
    In this presentation, Dr. Jon Dron will discuss his recently published article, “Designing the undesignable: Social Software and Control”. In this article, Dr Dron states that social software, such as blogs, wikis, tagging ...
  • Resurrecting Napier's Bones 

    Peschke, Julie (2008-01-30)
    This is a demonstration of a set of rods which John Napier invented in the early seventeenth century to make multiplication easier and faster, annotated with short historical commentaries.
  • Quiet Reflections: my 100+ best photographs 

    Holmberg, Robert G. (2008-01-24)
  • Pravention von Karzinomerkrankungen durch Beta-Karotin 

    Temple, Norman J.; Basu, Tapan K. (Vitamine Mineralstoffe Spurenelemente, 1988)
    Die magliche Rollevon Beta-Karotin als krebsverhiitendem Nahrungsbestandteil wird erortert. Prospektive und retrospektive Studien am Menschen deuten sehr stark daraufhin. daB Beta-Karotin eine krebsverhiitende Wirkung ...
  • Diet, blood lipids and coronary heart disease: current controversies 

    Temple, Norman J. (South African Medical Journal, 1994)
  • Role of selenium and cabbage in colon carcinogenesis in mice. 

    Temple, Norman J.; Basu, Tapan K. (Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 1987)
    The influence of dietary selenium and cabbage on the formation of colon tumors in female Swiss mice treated with 1,2.dimethylhydrazine [(DMH) CAS: 540-73-8] was reported. Mice received a control diet (laboratory chow), ...
  • Dietary fats in health 

    Temple, Norman J. (Journal of Nutrition, Growth and Cancer, 1985)
    This review examines the relationship between dietary fat intake and health. ,Heal produced by modem farming methods has a high fat content in comparison with its natural counterpart and, furthermore, the fat is low in ...
  • Physicians and health promotion 

    Temple, Norman J. (Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2005-12-05)
  • Survey of nutrition knowledge of Canadian physicians 

    Temple, Norman J. (Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 1999)
    Objectives: Previous reports have indicated that physicians generally have little training in nutrition and a poor knowledge of the subject. A survey was carried out to determine the nutrition knowledge of physicians working ...
  • Biochemical status of vitamin A in colorectal cancer 

    Basu, Tapan K.; Hodgson, Anne; Temple, Norman J.; McPherson, Tony A.; Wesley, Margaret N.; Pee, David (Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, 1990-10)
    Serum vitamin A and its carrier proteins, retinol-binding protein and prealbumin, were measured in 41 colorectal cancer patients, 40 patients with benign colorectal disease, and 31 healthy subjects. Serum samples were ...
  • Effect of Dietary Beta-Carotene on Hepatic Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes in Mice 

    Basu, Tapan K. (Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, 1987)
    The effects of dietary supplements of beta-carotene (20-500 mg per kg diet) on hepatic microsomal drug-metabolizing enzyme activities were studied in mice. Supplementation for 14 days resulted in marked reductions in ...
  • Does Beta-Carotene Prevent Cancer? A Critical Appraisal 

    Temple, Norman J.; Basu, Tapan K. (Nutrition Research, 1988)
    The possible role of beta-carotene as a protective nutrient against cancer is reviewed. Human prospective and retrospective studies strongly indicate that beta-carotene protects against lung cancer and probably against ...
  • Tribute to Denis Burkitt 

    Nelson, Cliff L.; Temple, Norman J. (Journal of Medical Biography, 1994)
  • Polynomials: An Introduction 

    Peschke, Julie (2008-01-14)
    This is a tutorial introducting polynomials of one or several variables. It discusses their degrees, their terms and the factoring of these terms.
  • International Survey Data 

    Temple, Norman J. (Trends in Biochemistry Science, 1976)
  • Dietary fibre and the mouse colon: its influence on luminal pH, reducing activity, bile acid binding and cell proliferation. 

    Temple, Norman J.; Basu, Tapan K. (Cancer Letters, 1988)
    Female, Swiss mice were fed semi-synthetic diets for 33 days. The diets were fibre-free (FF) or supplemented with corn bran (CB) 12°~, wheat bran (WB) 12%, alfalfa (AL) 12oh, pectin (P) BOh, cellulose (CL) 6%, or lignin ...

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