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    • E-learning in Canada 

      McGreal, Rory; Anderson, Terry (Idea Group Publishing, 2007-01)
      Any view of elearning in Canada must be informed by the uniquely Canadian feature of provincial jurisdiction over education. Canada is the only country that does not have a national department/ministry of education. Therefore ...
    • eduSource Canada: learning object repositories & m-learning 

      McGreal, Rory (mLearn 2004, 2004-07)
      This presentation will explain the concept of learning objects and metadata and introduce the eduSource suite of tools, applicable for mobile learning. Learning objects are enabled and made interoperable using mobile and ...
    • eduSource: Creating learning object repositories in Canada 

      McGreal, Rory; Richards, Griff; Friesen, Norman; Paquette, Gilbert; Downes, Stephen (IEEE Learning Technology Task Force (LTTF) Newsletter, 2003-01)
      EduSource is a comprehensive project that ties together various work packages and creates synergies between its partners and associates. All of the partners are Canadian organizations and meaningful work will be carried ...
    • Electronic "Site Tours" come to Northern Ontario 

      McGreal, Rory; Simand, Bernie; Tobin, Lois; Violette, Gérard (Canadian Association of Distance Education, 1992)
      Northern Ontario secondary school students have been touring museums, galleries, and other organizations electronically. With the help of Contact North's audiographic teleconferencing network, institutions like the Art ...
    • An Evaluation of the Commonwealth of Learning section on Elearning for International Organisations 

      McGreal, Rory (2008-10-31)
      This report includes an evaluation of the work of the Commonwealth of Learning’s (COL) eLearning with International Organisations (eLIO) section. Participants in the investigation included representative samples of the ...
    • The evolution of learning object repository technologies: Portals for On-line Objects for Learning 

      Richards, Griff; McGreal, Rory; Hatala, Marek; Friesen, Norman (Canadian Association of Distance Education, 2003)
      Learning objects are the digital files that are used to construct e-learning experiences, and repositories provide mechanisms to encourage their discovery, exchange, and reuse. Portals for On-line Objects in Learning ...
    • Excess copyright: How restrictive copyright legislation impedes technological innovation 

      McGreal, Rory (The Seventh International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology. ICCGI 2012, 2012-06-27)
      This paper explains how copyright laws being promoted by the USA are being used to prevent the development of open educational resources. This includes a brief history explaining the origins of copyright law leading ...
    • Findings from a survey of openness in assessment and accreditation practices in post-secondary institutions 

      Murphy, Angela; Witthaus, Gabi (2013-06-07)
      This working paper shares the findings and lessons learned from a small-scale survey on perceptions, practices and policies relating to openness in assessment and accreditation in post-secondary institutions. The study was ...
    • Flexible paths to assessment for OER learners: A comparative study 

      Conrad, Dianne; McGreal, Rory (JIME: Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2012-12)
      This paper highlights the preliminary findings of a one-year research project (2011) that investigated the fit of recognizing prior learning (RPL) practice and related assessment and transfer protocols to projected OER ...
    • Formalising informal learning: Assessment and accreditation challenges within disaggregated systems 

      McGreal, Rory; Conrad, Dianne; Murphy, A.; Witthaus, G.; Mackintosh, W. (Open Praxis, 2014)
      This paper shares the findings and lessons learned from an investigation into the economics of disaggregated models for assessing and accrediting informal learners, with particular attention to the OER universitas (OERu) ...
    • Going mobile with Moodle: First steps 

      Cheung, Billy; Stewart, Brian; McGreal, Rory (IADIS, 2006-07-11)
      This research consisted of an investigation into some of the technical and organizational implications of implementing the open source Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) for use on mobile devices. The research has ...
    • Hearables for online learning 

      McGreal, Rory (IRRODL, 2018-09-30)
      Hearables are wireless smart micro-computers with artificial intelligence that incorporate both speakers and microphones. They fit in the ears and can connect to the Internet and to other devices; they are designed to be ...
    • A heterogeneous distributed database system for distance education networks 

      McGreal, Rory (American Journal of Distance Education, 1995)
      An advanced database system would have the following characteristics: * Universal access by all network users from any computer connected by modem * An extended browse feature that would allow users to navigate ...
    • Implementing learning object metadata for mobile devices using CanCore 

      McGreal, Rory (Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications, 2006-02-19)
      Pedagogical and other types of metadata are important in the implementation of learning systems for use by mobile devices. Metadata is key to the use of learning objects. Learning objects represent a means of rendering ...
    • Implementing Mobile Environments using Learning Objects: The Athabasca University Digital Reading Room 

      McGreal, Rory; Tin, Tony; Cheung, Billy; Schafer, Steve (2005)
      This investigation determined some of the better strategies for delivering educational resources to mobile devices from the Digital Reading Room (DRR) and the Athabasca University(AU) library catalogue using AirPac, making ...
    • Information technology and telecommunications: A course on the World Wide Web 

      McGreal, Rory (Journal of Distance Education, 1998)
      The East-West project has been designed to provide Canadian adult learners and particularly learning professionals with the opportunity to complete a full course online through the World Wide Web (WWW). Four Canadian ...
    • An intelligent agent for adapting and delivering electronic course materials to mobile learners 

      Ally, Mohamed; Lin, Fuhua (Oscar); McGreal, Rory; Woo, Brian; Li, Qin (mLearn 2005, 2005-10)
      The concept of mobile learning is often defined as learning that takes place with the help of mobile devices to access course materials; however, these devices operate in different ways and have different capabilities. ...
    • International E-learning specifications. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning 

      Friesen, Norman; McGreal, Rory (International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 2002-10)
      A previous report in this series discussed the classification of online course delivery systems according to the Advanced Distributed Learning Partnerships (ADL), and the international standards accepted by the ADL. The ...
    • Interview: With Farhad Saba and Rory McGreal, Wedemeyer Award Winners 

      Rocco, Stevie (2009-02-18)
      Speaking Personally—With Farhad Saba and Rory McGreal, Wedemeyer Award Winners
    • Introducing MOOCs to Africa: New Economy Skills for Africa Program 

      Boga, Sandi; McGreal, Rory (Commonwealth of Learning, 2014-01)
      MOOCs as a type of globally-networked learning environment (GNLE) could become a very useful delivery model in the developing world – but not necessarily when tied to a specific platform like Coursera. If developing countries ...

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