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    • Virtual Stability: Constructing a Simulation Model” 

      Voorhees, Burt (2010-06-23)
      After a discussion of the importance of stability and instability for complex systems theory we define the concept of virtual stability as a state in which a system employs self-monitoring and adaptive control to maintain ...
    • When a Guilty Verdict is in the Accused’s Best Interests 

      Dewhurst, Dale (2010-06-22)
      Lawyers’ ethical codes direct defence counsel to protect clients from criminal conviction. If acquittal isn’t possible, the minimal sentence should be secured. This paper argues that in specific case types neither an ...
    • When Retailers are More Powerful 

      Sigue, Simon (2010-06-23)
      The long-term effects of promotions on sales are increasingly linked to the supposed shift of economic power within channels from manufacturers to retailers. However, formal knowledge about how they influence channel ...
    • Wild Imaginings: Discourses and Representations of Nature from the Alberta Report 

      Hanson, Lorelei L. (2010-06-23)
      Alberta Report, founded by ultra-conservative Ted Byfield, was a weekly publication that espoused political and social conservatism and provided a training ground for a generation of conservative journalists. Byfield saw ...
    • Writing the Chinese Labor: Changes and Continuities in Labor Historiography 

      McQuaide, Shiling (2010-06-22)
      In the 1980s, most historical writings in China begun to take a new direction owing to domestic changes and outside influence. In comparison with other topics, however, studies of the pre-1949 Chinese labor seem to remain ...
    • Yoga as part of Wellness in the Workplace: A Case Study 

      Shields, Diana (2010-06-23)
      This paper is written for a presentation at the 2nd Annual Atlantic Networks for Prevention Research (ANPR) Conference and is accompanied by a series of short activities that demonstrate some of the potential health benefits ...

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