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  • No Watertight Compartments: Trade Agreements, International Health Care Reform, and the Legal Politics of Public Sector Exemptions 

    Crawford, Mark (2011-06-06)
    Debates over the legal interpretation of trade treaty (WTO and NAFTA) exemption clauses for public services display a common pattern. Critics of trade agreements argue that these clauses are likely to be narrowly interpreted, ...
  • Maintenance of Physical Activity in Breast Cancer Survivors after a Randomized Trial 

    Vallance, Jeff (2010-06-23)
    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the longer term effects of pedometers and print materials on changes in physical activity (PA) and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in breast cancer survivors that ...
  • Trauma, Memory and Testimony: Badami’s Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? And the Air India Inquiry 

    Thompson, Veronica (2010-06-23)
    “Trauma, Memory and Testimony: Badami’s Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?and the Air India Inquiry.” On June 22, 1985 Air India Flight 182 exploded off the coast of Ireland, in what has been called by many “the worst act ...
  • Enhancing Mobile Learning Delivery through Exploration of the Learner Experience 

    Stauffer, Karen (2010-06-23)
    M-Learning research at the School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS) at Athabasca University has been directed at improving mobile device access to distance learning materials through improved device detection, ...
  • Attended 

    Day, Darlene (2010-06-23)
    The conference will provide the latest information on asynchronous learning programs, processes, packages, and protocols, is geared to both experienced professionals and interested newcomers to online learning.
  • Building an Effective Mobile-Friendly Digital Library to Support Mobile Learners: A Case Study of the Athabasca University M-Library Project 

    Cao, Yang (2010-06-23)
    With the rapid evolution of technology today, distance education is about to shift to Mobile learning where e-learning materials are being delivered through mobile devices. Wireless and mobile technology provides flexibility: ...
  • Attended 

    Voaklander, Mike (2010-06-23)
    The conference presents an opportunity for professionals involved in the support of Information Technology (IT) at institutions of higher education to network peers, learn and share ideas about supporting clients and ...
  • On the Notion ‘Practical Ethics’ 

    Morito, Bruce (2010-06-23)
    Although I am concerned to develop the idea of practical ethics into a more general theory, I will restrict my focus on the distinction between practical ethics and applied ethics. The first part of the paper summarizes ...
  • Hope and Aging: Hermeneutic Photography as Qualitative Evidence 

    Moore, Sharon L. (2010-06-23)
    AIMS: Aging successfully is a topic that has been targeted in recent years. Given the increased life expectancies developing countries, and the graying of the population, increased efforts are being directed at what it ...
  • Mobile-Literacy: Training Faculty to Use Mobile Devices for Online Learning 

    Elliott, Colin (2010-06-23)
    Mobile-Literacy: training faculty to use mobile devices for online learning Online learning is a well established pedagogical practice in Canada. Athabasca University, Canada’s Open University, with its reputation in ...
  • Must I Transform to Learn? High-stakes Portfolio Assessment at Athabasca University 

    Conrad, Dianne (2010-06-23)
    In this presentation, we will examine the notion of transformation as it is experienced, or thought to be experienced, during the PLAR process. This discussion brings to the fore one of the tensions in PLAR practice that ...
  • Attended 

    Chivers, Leslie (2010-06-23)
    1) PRE2: How to ... Web 2.0 PRESENTER: Matthew Winkel, The College of New Jersey ABSTRACT: Does this scenario sound familiar? 1.) You a attended a conference or webinar and learn about Web 2.0 tools. 2.) You decide ...
  • Attended 

    Burwash, Travis (2010-06-23)
    The conference presents an opportunity for professionals involved in the support of Information Technology (IT) at institutions of higher education to network peers, learn and share ideas about supporting clients and ...
  • Repurposing Content for Online Learning: A Case Study of the Canadian Open University 

    Bosse, Corinne (2010-06-23)
    Following the adoption of new Strategic Plans, Athabasca University has been in the process of transforming its print-based courses to online content delivery for the past five years. This paper aims to report on the recent ...
  • Healing Water, Healing Histories: Aboriginal Pilgrimage in Western Canada 

    Wall, Karen (2010-06-23)
    Travel is a medium of communicating information and experience across time and space; aboriginal tourism involves consumption of sacred sites, traditions and contemporary cultures by outsiders. While much research addresses ...
  • The Primordial Link: HRM and Workplace Learning 

    Spencer, Bruce (2010-06-23)
    The link between human resource management (HRM) and workplace learning is more often as not ignored if not assumed in the work and learning and adult education literature. The purpose of this paper is to critically examine ...
  • An Italian Jesuit in Canada: Faith and the Imagination in the 'Breve Relatione' of 1653 

    Pivato, Joseph J. (2010-06-23)
    Bressani published his Breve Relatione in Italian in 1653. He had spent the years 1642 to 1650 in New France as a Jesuit missionary. As a Jesuit he was aware of the expansion of the European powers in the New World: ...
  • Sharing the Journey: Being an Exemplary Role Model 

    Perry, Beth (2010-06-23)
    Nurses are constantly being observed. Patients, family members, students, and colleagues watch their actions and interpersonal interactions. Often nurses are role models potentially influencing the behaviors and attitudes ...
  • SocioEconomic Status, Control Beliefs and Exercise Intentions and Behavior 

    Murray, Terra C. (2010-06-23)
    Purpose: Perceived control and socioeconomic status (SES) are thought to play important roles in health behavior. In exercise research, proximal control beliefs are most often studied, but some socio-ecological models ...
  • Integrating JADE Agents into Moodle 

    Lin, Fuhua (Oscar) (2010-06-23)
    This paper presents an approach to integrating the JADE-based multiagent system with the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) -- an open source learning management system. This approach overcomes ...

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