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dc.contributor.authorConnors, Martin
dc.descriptionProposal was rejected as not fitting program objectivesen
dc.description.abstractThe most effective way to exploit Canada’s ideal position for auroral zone science is to emplace instruments with sufficient density for meaningful studies. Magnetometers are useful instruments for this since their cost and data rate are realistic, and new analysis techniques are allowing their data to be understood. This proposal would exploit magnetometers already present in Canada, with major international collaboration, to take our ground-based network to a stage where it would be a major asset for international studies involving the auroral zone. The primary way to do this in an extremely cost-effective way is to use assets of the STEP Polar Network already in place, complemented by one strategically-placed new instrument. In this way the 2007-2008 timeframe, with the NASA THEMIS and Canadian e-POP missions, will see the best opportunity for Canadian ground magnetic data to contribute to ground-breaking science.en
dc.format.extent615510 bytes
dc.titleSTEP Forward 2007-2007 Space Science Enhancement Proposal to CSAen
dc.typeWorking Paperen

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