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    • 2001-2002 Image SI12 - Canopus events 

      Connors, Martin (2006-05-17)
      SI12 events in winters 2001 and 2002 selected to have invertable Canopus magnetic data and accompanied by optical data
    • AFM - Prospectus 

      Connors, Martin (2007-04-18)
      Automated Forward Modelling is explained and examined.
    • Apr 5 2010 AUGO magnetogram 

      Connors, Martin (2012-05-23)
      AUGO recorded the space weather event of Apr. 5 2010
    • ASTR 210 Natural Sky Draft Cover 

      Meurant, Matthieu; Connors, Martin; Zhang, Jingfen (2007-07-26)
      Night sky at Athabasca with Athabasca University Robotic Telescope in foreground.
    • Athabasca University Initiatives Supporting THEMIS 

      Connors, Martin; Hayashi, Kanji; Russell, Christopher T.; Shiokawa, Kazuo; Irwin, Rob; Rostoker, Gordon (2007-02-20)
      Since the installation of a UCLA ‘small’ magnetometer in 1998, Athabasca University has made great strides in installing infrastructure in Canada for space science, culminating with the recent expansion of Athabasca ...
    • Athabasca Winter Workshop Enrollment 

      Connors, Martin (2007-02-28)
      2007 Athabasca Winter Workshop info + form
    • Automated Forward Modelling and its Results for Substorms and Sawtooth Events 

      Connors, Martin; Rostoker, Gordon; McPherron, Robert L.; Hsu, Tung-Shin; Ponto, Jason (2008-06-18)
      Automated Forward Modelling is used to contrast quantitative aspects of substorms and sawtooth events.
    • Automated Regional Modelling (ARM) for characterization of the substorm current wedge 

      Connors, Martin; McPherron, Robert L.; Ponto, Jason; Stacey, R. Greg; Russell, Christopher T.; Angelopoulos, Vassilis; Rostoker, Gordon; Boteler, D.; Danskin, D. (2008-04-30)
      Some characteristics of substorms may be determined through use of an electrojet forward modelling approach. These include the amplitude of cross-meridian electric current (0.2 to 1 MA typically), timescales (about 20 ...
    • AUTUMNX PUVR 2017 Feb 2 

      Connors, Martin (2020-03-02)
      data from Puvurnituq (PUVR) Feb 2 2017 in local magnetic coordinates
    • AUTUMNX-GOES 13 Feb 2 2017 

      Connors, Martin (2020-03-02)
      Ground and space perturbations on Feb 2 2017
    • AUTUMNX-GOES 13 Feb 2 2017 restricted 

      Connors, Martin (2020-03-02)
      GOES AUTUMNX data test
    • CASCA 2006 Calgary AU Attendees 

      Connors, Martin (2006-06-16)
      Photos showing AU attendees at CASCA 2006, held in Calgary in early June 2006.
    • CASCA Main Presentation 2006 

      Connors, Martin; Veillet, Christian; Stacey, R. Greg; Brasser, Ramon; Wiegert, Paul; Innanen, Kimmo A. (2006-06)
      Presentation about stability of quasi-satellites, no movies.
    • Cassiopeia 

      Connors, Martin (Self, 2018-11-08)
      Image of Cassiopeia constellation with Algolcam I
    • A Centenary Survey of Orbits of Co-Orbitals of Jupiter 

      Connors, Martin; Stacey, R. Greg (2006-08-10)
      Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids fulfill the prediction of Lagrange that orbits can be stable when a small body orbits in specific locations relative to its ‘parent’ planet and the Sun. The first such Trojan asteroid was discovered ...
    • Co-orbitals CASCA Talk 

      Connors, Martin; Veillet, Christian; Stacey, R. Greg; Brasser, Ramon; Wiegert, Paul; Innanen, Kimmo A. (2006-06)
      Presentation from CASCA 2006 covering general aspects of co-orbital motion with emphasis on the fact that they would be good targets for space missions.
    • Cross Meridian Currents in Storms and Sawtooth Events 

      Connors, Martin (2006-11-17)
      Automated Forward Modeling (AFM) is an inversion technique based on magnetic data alone, which can indicate physical parameters associated with electrojets and field-aligned currents. From perturbations along a meridian, ...
    • Data Preparation 

      Connors, Martin (1998)
      Aspects of space physics data available and how to prepare it for treatment in analysis.
    • Electrodynamic Parameters of the Auroral Oval from Combined Spacecraft and Ground Measurements 

      Connors, Martin (European Space Agency, 2006)
      Spacecraft traversing the auroral oval respond primarily to the field-aligned currents at its poleward and equatorward borders that are part of a solenoidal current system. If electric and magnetic field measurements are ...
    • An Evening Sector Ps 6 - Omega Band Event 

      Connors, Martin; Syrjasuo, Mikko; Donovan, Eric F.; Greffen, Mike; Jackel, Brian; Trondsen, Trond; Voronkov, Igor; McPherron, Robert L.; Russell, Christopher T.; Sigwarth, John; Mende, Stephen B. (2008-01-29)
      Abstract. Ps 6 magnetic disturbances and associated optical forms known as omega bands are usually associated with the morning sector. Some evidence for similar phenomenology in the evening sector has been presented ...

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