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dc.contributor.authorGordon, Kathryn P.
dc.contributor.authorMelrose, Sherri
dc.identifier.citationGordon, K. & Melrose, S. (2011). Peer E-Mentoring Podcasts in a Self-Paced Course. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 15(3), 145-149.en
dc.description.abstractThis article describes how podcasts from senior students were used as brief peer mentoring tools in an asynchronous, self-paced, text-based, introductory online nursing course. An increasing number of distance educators use peer mentoring approaches to support student success in higher education programs. However, suggestions for implementing peer mentoring in courses where students work alone and at their own pace is limited. Our project illustrates how MP3 audio recordings of students’ voices (podcasts) offer advice and encouragement (mentorship) to peers who do not know one another.en
dc.publisherAcademic Exchange Quarterlyen
dc.subjectdistance educationen
dc.titlePeer E-Mentoring Podcasts in a Self-Paced Courseen

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