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dc.contributor.authorMelrose, Sherri
dc.identifier.citationMelrose, S. (2010). From vocational college to university: How one group of nurses experienced the transition, Journal for the Advancement of Educational Research,6(1), 88-97.en
dc.description.abstractThis qualitative descriptive study explored Post LPN to BN students' perceptions of their studies at a Canadian University. Kelly's (1955/1991) Psychology of Personal Constructs was the theoretical framework for this three year longitudinal project in which 10 Post LPN to BN students were interviewed at the beginning, middle and end of their program. Transcripts from the interviews were analyzed and two key themes are presented to illustrate the experiences of one group of adult learners, Licensed Practical Nurses, as they upgraded their vocational credentials at the university. Study results found that creating opportunities for Post LPN to BN students to articulate previous accomplishments bolstered their confidence. Further, instructor encouragement supported them towards self direction and independence.en
dc.publisherJournal for the Advancement of Educational Researchen
dc.subjectlicensed practical nurseen
dc.titleFrom vocational college to university: How one group of nurses experienced the transitionen

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