Recent Submissions

  • AU's Learning Management System: Moodle 

    Koesling, Jenny (2011-03-09)
    Moodle has been selected as the University's Learning Management System and is currently being piloted. This Lunch n' Learn is intended to give the AU community a look at the current state of the application and how we ...
  • AU's Write Site 

    Baig, Veronica; Brundage, David (2011-03-09)
    The AU Write Site's action plan to improve student writing skills includes provision of an assessment tool to determine students' current writing levels so they can register for appropriate writing courses. Coaching with ...
  • Digital Libraries: Finding your way in the electronic labyrinth 

    Johnson, Kay; Magusin, Elaine (2011-03-09)
    AU Library's Kay Johnson, Head, Reference & Circulation Services, and Elaine Magusin, Reference Services Librarian, will be your guides to navigating through online information. The presenters will provide a tour of some ...
  • Women & Distance Education: Issues and Perspectives 

    Wong-Wylie, Gina (2011-03-09)
    In North America, where the majority of Distance Education (DE) learners are female, women face a multitude of barriers and challenges, the effects of which can result in undue stress and attrition in DE programs. Dr. ...
  • Everything…You Always Wanted to Know About PLAR...and More 

    Conrad, Dianne (2011-03-09)
    Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition is a service to AU's adult and mature learners. The usefulness of PLAR as a tool is enhanced by understanding its as a learning activity rather than just an accreditation process. ...
  • E-Learning Strategies with Emergent Semantic Web Services 

    Zhang, Xiaokun (2011-03-09)
    Key features and benefits of using a semantic web in e-learning systems, along with the technology and non-technology challenges of developing semantic web based learning object services, will be examined by Dr. Xiaokun ...
  • Youth and the WTO 

    Huebert, Matthew (2011-03-09)
    AU helped sponsor the YouthInside project to bring youth involvement to the World Trade Organization (WTO) 6th Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong in December, 2005. With project goals being to educate, inspire, and engage ...
  • mLearning: Theory and Practice 

    Koole, Marguerite; Stauffer, Karen; Ally, Mohamed (2011-03-09)
    Is there any substance to the current hype about mobile learning? Marguerite Koole (Instructional Media Analyst) will discuss how mobile devices enable access to a rich environment of information and people, thereby ...
  • Using Online Interactive Tutorials in Teaching Psychology and Neuroscience 

    Gilbert, Trevor; Cheung, Billy (2011-03-09)
    The importance of technology and instructional design in distance education and online learning are highlighted in a demonstration of a unique learning environment where students can interactively explore fundamental ...
  • Speeding Return of Student Assignments 

    Holmberg, Robert G.; Michalski, Konrad (2011-03-09)
    Presenting results of recent Mission Critical Research which evaluated five technologies, AU's Dr. Robert Holmberg (Professor, Biology) and Konrad Michalski (Instructional Media Designer) will discuss options for returning ...

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