Athabasca University is participating in the first international Open Access Week – October 19-23, 2009 – to broaden awareness and understanding of open access. The objective of AU’s Open Access Week is to promote understanding, adoption, use and production of open access resources for formal and informal teaching and learning.

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  • AUSpace Rebooted 

    Elliott, Colin (Library & Scholarly Resources, 2017)
    To celebrate Open Access Week and the re-launching of AUSpace, the Library will be hosting the following webinar: AUSpace Rebooted: Learn about Athabasca University's open access institutional repository. This webinar will ...
  • Preparing for the Digital University 

    Siemens, George (2015-03-13)
    Large sectors of society are digitizing, resulting in changed practices in journalism, entertainment, and business in general. Higher education is not immune to these changes. Digitization processes are well underway and ...
  • Open education down under: Some national and institutional initiatives. 

    Bossu, Carina (2015-03-13)
    The Open Education movement is growing and gaining importance within the higher education landscape in many developing and developed nations. Unfortunately, this does not seem the case in Australia, as there is still a ...
  • The Campus Alberta Open Educational Resources Initiative 

    Welch, Janet E. (2015-03-13)
    The Campus Alberta Open Educational Resources Initiative ( aims to provide publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta the opportunity to apply for funding to support the assembly, use, development, ...
  • The Battle for Open 

    Weller, Martin (2015-03-13)
    Open approaches in education have started to move into the mainstream, with the success of open access, MOOCs, and open scholarship approaches. After this initial success comes the period when the real direction of openness ...
  • Sustainability Strategies For Open Educational Resources 

    Stacey, Paul (2015-03-13)
    Open Educational Resources (OER) often start as pilot projects initiated by early innovators in higher education institutions. Others are initiated by government. Frequently these projects receive some kind of start up ...
  • Libraries, OERs, and Open Access 

    Fabbro, Elaine; Elliott, Colin; Conroy, Rachel (2013-11-05)
    Athabasca University (AU) and Athabasca University Library have a long history in supporting and promoting Open Access. AU was the first university in Canada to adopt an Open Access Research Policy and has led many other ...
  • Cost Savings and User Perceptions of OER 

    Hilton III, John (2013-11-05)
    The high cost of textbooks is of concern not only to college students but also to society as a whole. Open textbooks promise the same educational benefits as traditional textbooks; however, their efficacy remains largely ...
  • OERu: Blending more affordable education futures 

    Mackintosh, Wayne (2013-11-05)
    The OER university (OERu) is an international collaboration of universities, polytechnics and community colleges from five continents using open education approaches to provide more affordable education for all students ...
  • Why think about culture in remix? 

    Amiel, Tel (2013-11-05)
    Remix is touted as one of the most important practices within the field of open educational resources (OER). But remixing is still not mainstream practice in education and the barriers and limitations to remix are not well ...
  • What are MOOCs doing to the Open Education? 

    Siemens, George (2013-11-05)
    Higher education is now entering its second year of MOOC hype. The stream of almost daily pronouncements of additional universities joining existing MOOC providers, new funding, new MOOC offerings, and new reports continues ...
  • Athabasca River Basin Research Institute Repository: Enhancing open access, education and research 

    Carter, Lisa; Tin, Tony (2012-10-26)
    The Athabasca River Basin Research Institute (ARBRI) supports interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer of the Athabasca River Basin, an area of more than 159,000 km2 that is distinct by its watersheds, lands, ...
  • Contribution of AU's e-Lab initiative to Open Access and OER Development 

    Ellerman, Evelyn (2012-10-26)
    All universities have labs where research and teaching are conducted, where the physical tools of research and teaching are stored, where people get together to talk about their work and their ideas, and where the results ...
  • Sleeping with the Elephant – Leveraging AU’s Position through Open Courseware 

    Connors, Martin (2012-10-26)
    There has been an explosion of content in open (and not-so-open) forms in recent years, much of it highly relevant to Distance Education. It can be asserted that AU’s claim to fame is less the creation of content than the ...
  • Much Open Online Content (mooc) 

    Schafer, Steve (2012-10-26)
    There have been transformations in libraries in at least three areas over the past number of years. First, in the area of service there is a transformation from users coming to the library to a model of the library reaching ...
  • Integrating openness in course design 

    Ives, Cindy (2012-10-26)
    Supporting the widespread availability of OER is a goal that Athabasca University (AU) has embraced through association with the Commonwealth of Learning and by becoming a charter member of the OER University. The use of ...
  • "Open and Closed" Getting the mix right. Who gets to Decide?? 

    Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry; Siemens, George (2012-10-26)
    Despite the desirability of "Making Open the Default" as the theme of this year’s open access week, there are many reasons that can and should influence a person and an organization to restrict access to content. In this ...
  • Open Access and Public Policy 

    Pannekoek, Frits (2012-10-26)
    Governments are becoming increasingly aware of the power of open access and the power of the new technologies to liberate and massify learning. Three reactions are worth pondering: those of the learning industries, those ...
  • The OER university: A sustainable model for more affordable education futures 

    Mackintosh, Wayne (2012-10-26)
    Open education provides unprecedented opportunities for universities to provide more affordable access to post-secondary education for all students worldwide. OER is a sustainable and renewable resource. The OER university ...
  • OER and Mobile Learning 

    McGreal, Rory (2012-10-25)
    Open Educational Resources (OER) constitute an important resource with the potential to facilitate the expansion of mobile learning worldwide. The flexibility, both technological and legal afforded by openly licensed ...

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