Recent Submissions

  • Open Educational Resources 

    McGreal, Rory; Anderson, Terry (2009-11-02)
    The production, licensing, use and re-use of learning objects accessible through open access distribution will be the focus of this presentation. Noted author and scholar Dr. Rory McGreal will share his knowledge of the ...
  • Open Access Archives and Repositories 

    Schafer, Steve; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (2009-10-23)
    Governments and research funding organizations are increasingly reluctant to fund research that is not widely distributed and affordable, creating the need for repositories through which scholars can legally distribute ...
  • Open Access Publication 

    Pannekoek, Frits (2009-10-22)
    Publication models for scholarly monographs, featuring the pioneering work of Athabasca University Press, Canada’s first open access press. Dr. Frits Pannekoek, president of Athabasca University, will discuss the vision ...
  • Open Access Research Opportunities and Strategies 

    McAndrew, Patrick (2009-10-20)
    Much remains to be discovered in relation to the technology, economy, politics and psychology of effectively producing and using open access content. Patrick McAndrew and Candice Thiele are co-directing OLnet, an international ...
  • The Open Access Scholar 

    Anderson, Terry (2009-10-20)
    The review, publication and interaction associated with open access dissemination of research is the focus of this presentation, featuring Dr. Terry Anderson, editor of the open access journal The International Review of ...

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