Recent Submissions

  • Panel on Open Library, Scholarship and Learning at Athabasca University 

    Ives, Cindy; Elliott, Colin; Anderson, Terry (2010-10-22)
    Tony Tin, founder of Athabasca University's digital content repository, AUSpace, discusses the organization of AUSpace, its benefits for open access support, researchers and organizations, and research findings of AUSpace ...
  • Managing and Learning in MOOCs (massive open online courses) 

    Siemens, George (2010-10-21)
    George Siemens, with Athabasca's Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute, is best known for his development of the pedagogical model of networked learning known as Connectivism. He and Steven Downes have pioneered ...
  • Open Educational Resources and Copyright 

    McGreal, Rory (2010-10-21)
    Dr Rory McGreal is the Assoc. Vice President of Research at Athabasca University. He is an expert on copyright law and its application to education and learning resources. He is also the editor of a bestselling book on ...
  • Open Opportunity through Open Scholarship and Open Publication 

    Pannekoek, Frits (2010-10-19)
    Dr Frits Pannekoek is the President of Athabasca University and President of the International Council on Open and Distance Education. He is an advocate for the open distribution of scholarly works and has been the driving ...
  • Using Open Production of Course Content to make a Difference 

    Mackintosh, Wayne (2010-10-19)
    Dr. Wayne Mackintosh is the Director of the International Centre for Open Education based at Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand, member of the Board of Directors of the Open Education Foundation, and founder of the WikiEducator ...

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