Recent Submissions

  • OER's and Sustainable Innovation: Low Cost, Low Risk but High Impact 

    McGreal, Rory; Mackintosh, Wayne (2011-11-04)
    This session will include a description of the UNESCO Chair in OER network including an update on the mandate of the Chair and the developments so far. These include agreement on support for a network of UNESCO Chairs in ...
  • Panel on Moving to Open Educational Resources at Athabasca University 

    Ives, Cindy; Carter, Lisa; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (2011-10-27)
    Dr. Cindy Ives, Director of the Centre for Learning Design and Development (CLDD) at Athabasca University, discusses recent projects in the CLDD that have focused on open educational resources including initiatives to ...
  • Making Sense of Complexity in Open Information Environments 

    Siemens, George (2011-10-27)
    In the pursuit of openness, the cognitive experience of the learners and educators are often overlooked. Open educational resources present fragmented views of topics: a TedTalk video here, an Open Yale lecture there, an ...
  • Post Secondary Leadership and the OER Movement 

    Pannekoek, Frits (2011-10-27)
    ER provide both opportunity and anxiety to University Administrators. While they see possible savings, at the same time they see new expenditures without accompanying revenues. Little understanding exists by either ...
  • Fun and Fear in Open Spaces 

    Anderson, Terry; Dron, Jon (2011-10-27)
    This presentation presents the theory and practice of Open Learning as implemented in Athabasca University’s Beyond the LMS social networking system. The presentation discusses the motivation , design and challenges ...

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