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dc.contributor.authorTemple, Norman J.
dc.identifier.citationTemple NJ (1983). Coronary heart disease - dietary lipids or refined carbohydrates? Medical Hypotheses, 10, 425-435.en
dc.description.abstractThe epidemiological evidence associating dietary lipids, refined carbohydrates and coronary heart disease (CHD) is evaluated. Population studies often show a high correlation between dietary lipid and heart disease mortality. It is argued that most of this association is secondary to the high correlation that refined carbohydrates have with dietary lipids, on the one hand, and with CHD on the other. This becomes apparent only when examples are found of a weak or negative correlation between dietary lipids and refined carbohydrates. Evidence from diet and drug intervention studies support the hypothesis that dietary lipid is only of secondary importance in CHD. It is concluded that refined carbohydrates are of primary importance.en
dc.format.extent589246 bytes
dc.publisherMedical Hypothesesen
dc.subjectcoronary heart diseaseen
dc.subjectrefined carbohydratesen
dc.subjectdietary lipiden
dc.titleCoronary heart disease - dietary lipids or refined carbohydrates?en

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