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dc.contributor.authorKennepohl, Dietmar K.
dc.identifier.citationThe Journal of Distance Education / Revue de l'Éducation à Distance, Vol 16, No 2 (2001)en
dc.identifier.uri /1734
dc.description.abstractComputer simulations employing digitized video images were incorporated into the laboratory component of an existing first-year university chemistry course as part of a pilot study. The students were surveyed about their experience and their performance in this distance course was also tracked and compared with students who did not do the simulations. No difference in overall course performance was observed between students who did the simulations and those who did not. However, simulation students completed in-laboratory work in a shorter time frame and showed a slightly higher performance in the practical laboratory component.en
dc.publisherThe Journal of Distance Educationen
dc.subjectcomputer simulationsen
dc.subjectdistance deliveryen
dc.titleUsing Computer Simulations to Supplement Teaching Laboratories in Chemistry for Distance Deliveryen

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