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dc.contributor.authorAnderson, Terry
dc.contributor.authorGunawardena, Charlotte N.
dc.contributor.authorLowe, Constance A.
dc.identifier.citationGunawardena, C. N., Lowe, C. M. A & Anderson, T. (1997). Interaction Analysis of a Global Online Debate and the Development of an Interaction Analysis Model. Journal of Educational Computing Research.17(4) 397-431en
dc.description.abstractThis study attempts to find appropriate interaction analysis/content analysis techniques that assist in examining the negotiation of meaning and co-construction of knowledge in collaborative learning environments facilitated by computer conferencing. The authors review strengths and shortcomings of existing interaction analysis techniques and propose a new model based on grounded theory building for analyzing the quality of CMC interactions and learning experiences. This new Interaction Analysis Model for Examining Social Construction of Knowledge in Computer Conferencing was developed after proposing a new definition of "interaction" for the CMC context and after analyzing interactions that occurred in a Global Online Debate. The application of the new model for analysis of collaborative construction of knowledge in the online debate and in a subsequent computer conference are discussed and future research suggested.en
dc.format.extent2030974 bytes
dc.publisherJournal of Educational Computing Researchen
dc.subjectsocial constructionen
dc.subjectcomputer conferencingen
dc.subjectcollaborative learningen
dc.titleAnalysis Of A Global Online Debate And The Development Of An Interaction Analysis Model For Examining Social Construction Of Knowledge In Computer Conferencingen

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