As a Canadian Research Chair <a href="" class="innerlink" target="_blank">Dr.Terry Anderson</a>, is involved as Principle Researcher in a variety of research and development initiatives including: <br> <br>Editor of <a href="" class="innerlink" target="_blank">International Review of Research in Distance Education </a> <br>EduSource Pan Canadian Network of Learning Object Repositories <br>Campus Alberta Repository of Education Objects (CAREO), <br><a href="" class="innerlink" target="_blank">Alberta Supernet Research Network. </a> <br><br>He teaches and advises students in the world's largest <a href="" class="innerlink" target="_blank"> Masters of Distance Education program </a> at Athabasca University. <br><br>He also serves on advisory committees with the Alberta and Canadian Governments, and serve on editorial boards of the following Journals: <br><br>Journal of Distance Education <br>Internet in Higher Education <br>International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning <br>Canadian Journal of Educational Communication <br>Journal of Interactive Media in Education <br><br><h5>Terry Anderson's <a href=" " class="innerlink" target="_blank" >Home page</a></h5>

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