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dc.contributor.authorRazavi, Olia G.
dc.description.abstractThis study examined the in-service department of a college of education to find out the measures used for quality assurance. This four-year diploma program is offered to the unqualified and under-qualified teachers in Namibia. Through ‘case study’ and by using a set of general criteria for knowledge, skills and attitudes and six questions this study was started. The questions were to know what mechanism s are in place for assuring quality in this program. In addition, it enquired about the internal and external obstacles to ensuring quality. A number of Current year 1 and year 4 inset students/teachers, graduates, tutors, principals, and administrators responded to questionnaires and interview questions. The study’s findings point out to the availability of the quality measures, but found it inadequate at the present to deal with the enormity of the task. The department of the in-service has to do a number of tasks. They are responsible for the logistical aspects since there are three contact sessions. They are also responsible for other tasks as deemed necessary. There are subject coordinators to foresee that the internal mechanisms for quality are in place. But they have other duties to perform that make it difficult to concentrate on their duties. The principals and mentors at the schools are to ensure that the inset teachers are supervised for parts of their activities. The quality assurance measures need to be very clear and those assigned should be able to do their responsibilities accordingly. The support systems that are in place play a crucial role for the maintenance and assurance of quality, but they lack adequate training for the fulfillment of their duties.en
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dc.titleQuality assurance in the in-service teacher education program in Northern Namibia: a case study.en

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