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dc.contributor.authorBoskic, Natasha
dc.description.abstractThe research explored the process of selecting learning objects and how it differs from choosing learning resources in a traditional teaching environment. The study was designed to identify the challenges educational practitioners face when designing, developing or selecting learning objects. Using an existing tool for learning object evaluation, Learning Object Review Instrument (LORI), I studied a) critical factors that determine the selection of educational material; b) the criteria educators use for selecting and evaluating leaning objects; and c) the participants' perception of validity of learning object evaluation due to the collaborative evaluation process, and the increase in quality. A number of research strategies were applied in order to answer the research questions. The educators'comments on learning objects and criteria for selection of digital teaching material were examined. The subjects were asked to participate in a learning object evaluation process. Interviews were conducted after the process to investigate if any changes appeared in the instructors'perceptions regarding the above issues. A review of current literature on learning objects and faculty development was executed to examine the innovative solutions to the research questions that have occurred in the process of conducting this study, if any. The results obtained from the survey questionnaires illustrate that the main criterion educational practitioners use for selecting learning objects is meeting prescribed learning outcomes. In regards to the question on collaborative assessment and the validity of that assessment, the results show that the participants recognized the necessity of collaboration in the design of complex online teaching and learning, and welcomed the presence of various expertise. Different perspectives do not automatically bring quality, but they increase the likelihood for quality to be high.en
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dc.titleFaculty assessment of the quality and reusability of learning objects.en

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