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dc.contributor.authorWang, Hongxue (Harris)
dc.descriptionWith the support of this A&PDF fund, I was able to attend International Conference on Cyber Crime and Computer Forensic 2013The 2013 International Conference on e-Learning, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems, and e-Government held in Las Vegas, USA, and presented a paper titled A Framework for Enabling Incidental Learning on the Web. From the feedback's from the attendees, I see both the values of the research and the challenges ahead. This has made me become more diligent to work on the topic.en
dc.description.abstractIncidental learning is learning something without intent, which usually happens at the time that is not dedicated to learn that thing. Examples of such time include work, game play and activities for leisure. In today’s life of many people, a lot of time is spent on the surfing the Web. Should incidental learning be effectively implemented for individuals using the Web, it would make learning more effective for many. This can be especially true for adult learners since they most likely have less time dedicated to learning, or don’t have any dedicated time for learning at all. In this paper we present a framework for enabling incidental learning on the Web. The framework identify six key elements for incidental learning on the web, describe a general process of incidental learning, two types of incidental learning and nine scenarios of incidental learning on the web. Finally, the framework prescribes a list of theories and essential technologies that are important for enabling incidental learning on the web.en
dc.subjectIncidental Learningen
dc.subjectInformal Learningen
dc.subjectWeb-based Learningen
dc.titleA Framework for Enabling Incidental Learning on the Weben

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