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  • Resurrecting Napier's Bones 

    Peschke, Julie (2008-01-30)
    This is a demonstration of a set of rods which John Napier invented in the early seventeenth century to make multiplication easier and faster, annotated with short historical commentaries.
  • Polynomials: An Introduction 

    Peschke, Julie (2008-01-14)
    This is a tutorial introducting polynomials of one or several variables. It discusses their degrees, their terms and the factoring of these terms.
  • TEST: on Logarithms 

    Peschke, Julie (2007-05-17)
    This is a multiple-choice and text entry test on the definition of logarithms.
  • LEARN: Logarithm Exercises 

    Peschke, Julie (2007-03-27)
    This is an interactive document consisting of exercises in evaluating logarithms to different bases.
  • LISTEN: Logarithm Definition and Examples 

    Peschke, Julie (2007-03-27)
    This is a narrative document on the definition of logarithm which includes examples of finding logarithms to different bases.
  • READ: Logarithm Definition, Properties and Examples 

    Peschke, Julie (2007-03-27)
    This is a document explaining the definition of logarithm to different bases and the properties of the logarithm function. Numerous examples of evaluating logarithms are included.

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