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dc.contributor.authorKier, Cheryl A.
dc.descriptionThe Hawaii International Conference on Education has been held every year since 2002. It aims to allow those involved in education to meet others from around the world to exchange ideas in ways they would not be able to otherwise. The international, cross-disciplinary focus enables input revolving around a variety of cultures, languages, politics, and geographies. In 2012 there were 1300 representatives from 35 countries. Data from the 2013 conference are not out yet. Parallel sessions start at 8:00 in the morning and go through until 6:15 at night. This is one of the friendliest conferences I have been to; participants are very eager to listen and to exchange ideas. They are keen to get to know one another. I would highly recommend this conference to those who would like to exchange ideas related to education.en
dc.description.abstractThis project aimed to discover the extent to which plagiarism is committed unintentionally. In a study of students enrolled in an online distance education course at a post-secondary institution, slightly more than half of 423 students correctly answered four questions involving recognizing plagiarism and only a minority was able to rephrase a passage without producing plagiarized content. This suggests that most cases of plagiarism are inadvertent, so skill development rather than punishment may be appropriate.en
dc.subjectUnintential Plagiarismen
dc.subjectPlagiarized contenten
dc.titleIs it Still Cheating if it’s Not Done on Purpose? Accidental Plagiarism in Higher Educationen

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