Recent Submissions

  • The Well-being of Adults who were Raised by Grandparents. 

    Kier, Cheryl A. (2013-11-09)
    Presented in Poster Session 12 on "Parenting and Grandparenting" at the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) 75th Conference, San Antonio, November 6-9, 2013.
  • How well do Canadian distance education students understand plagiarism? 

    Kier, Cheryl A. (IRRODL, 2014)
    This project ascertains how well students taking online, distance education courses at a Canadian university recognize plagiarised material and how well they paraphrase. It also assesses the types of errors made. Slightly ...
  • Accidental Plagiarism in Higher Education, Part II 

    Kier, Cheryl A. (2014-02-06)
    Earlier research found only about half of 423 university psychology students correctly answered four questions involving recognizing plagiarism, and only a minority was able to rephrase a passage without producing plagiarized ...
  • Is it Still Cheating if it’s Not Done on Purpose? Accidental Plagiarism in Higher Education 

    Kier, Cheryl A. (2013-03-05)
    This project aimed to discover the extent to which plagiarism is committed unintentionally. In a study of students enrolled in an online distance education course at a post-secondary institution, slightly more than half ...
  • Debate as a Teaching Strategy in Online Education: A Case Study. 

    Park, Caroline L.; Kier, Cheryl A.; Jugdev, Kam (2011)
    This reflective case study was based on our independent use of the debate as an online instructional approach and our shared interest in teaching strategies. In an interdisciplinary manner, using narrative inquiry and ...
  • Searching for Happiness: The Importance of Social Capital. 

    Leung, Ambrose; Kier, Cheryl A.; Fung, Tak Shing; Fung, Linda; Sproule, Robert (2011-06)
    After four decades of research, scholars of happiness continue to debate its causes. While it is generally agreed that a combination of internal and external factors play a role, predicting happiness well remains a ...
  • Music preferences and young people's attitudes towards spending and saving. 

    Leung, Ambrose; Kier, Cheryl A. (2010-12)
    We aimed to find patterns among young people’s music preferences in relation to their attitudes towards saving or spending money. Previous research found that certain music genres (e.g. rap and dance) are associated with ...
  • Music preferences and civic activism of young people 

    Leung, Ambrose; Kier, Cheryl A. (Journal of Youth Studies, 2008-08-01)
    This study examines the relationship between music preferences and civic activism among 182 participants aged 14-24 years. Our analyses show that participants who regularly listened to certain music genres such as ...
  • Sibling attachment: A review and a new infant-based measure (SPPIR) 

    Kier, Cheryl A.; Lewis, Charlie N. (Journal of Early Development and Parenting, 1993)
    This paper describes a new infant-based measure for assessing infant attachment to a sibling during a modified strange situation procedure. Research has demonstrated that young siblings often form a special relationship ...
  • lnfant Mother Attachment in Separated and Married Families 

    Kier, Cheryl A.; Lewis, Charlie N. (Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 1997)
    Considers two contrasting predictions about the effects of parental marital separation on infants' attachment to their mothers. Behavioral resistance of infants to stressors; Behavior of infants to anxious attachments; ...
  • Preschool sibling interaction in separated and married families: Are same-sex pairs or older sisters more sociable? 

    Kier, Cheryl A.; Lewis, Charlie N. (Journal of Child Psychiatry and Psychology, 1998)
    Two factors have been associated with the quality of sibling relationships: the sex of the children and their family circumstances. Yet the data on each issue are complex. This study examines the sex constellations of ...
  • Peer crowds, work experience, and financial saving behaviour of young Canadians 

    Erskine, Michele; Kier, Cheryl A.; Leung, Ambrose; Sproule, Robert (Journal of Economic Psychology, 2006)
    The objective of this study is to examine predictors of young people's saving behaviour. The results from probit analysis, using a national survey of 1806 Canadians aged 12–24, reveal that individuals from peer groups ...
  • Maternal Accounts of the Costs and Benefits of Life Experiences After Parental Separation 

    Kier, Cheryl A.; Lewis, Charlie N.; Hay, Dennis (Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa, 2000)
    Recent analyses both question the assumption that parental separation only has negative effects on families and suggest that attention should be paid to the diversity of experiences post divorce. The latter may be ...

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