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    • Attended 

      MacIsaac, Peggy Lynn (2010-06-23)
      This training opportunity is organized through COPPUL (Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries) and Statistics Canada’s Data Liberation Initiative (DLI), which provides access to Statistics Canada resources ...
    • The Canadian Census: All You Wanted to Know and Were Afraid to Ask! 

      Kariel, Doug; MacIsaac, Peggy Lynn (2011-03-09)
      Doug Kariel, Head, Technical Services & Systems, and Peggy Lynn MacIsaac, Reference Services Librarian, Library Services, will provide an overview of Canadian Census data, differentiating between what is available to the ...
    • Higher Education in Emergencies 

      MacIsaac, Peggy Lynn (2016-08-30)
      Outlines contexts and strategies for providing opportunities for people in fragile context to access higher education.
    • Information Literacy: Case Studies and Practices 

      MacIsaac, Peggy Lynn (2010-08-04)
      Athabasca University Library, Red Deer College Library, and the University of Alberta Libraries have developed and implemented collaborative curriculum-integrated information literacy instruction. Participants will learn ...
    • Maximizing library presence while minimizing online maintenance 

      MacIsaac, Peggy Lynn (2011-04-08)
      This paper presents challenges and opportunities for an academic library to increasing its presence in an online learning management system (LMS). Successful examples from Athabasca University, Canada’s Open University ...
    • Planes, Trains and Tour Buses: Libraries in Unexpected Places 

      MacIsaac, Peggy Lynn (2009-06-22)
      Destination travel readers are those who seek reading material while at or en route to their destination. There is a growing trend of hotel and tour operators offering books on loan to their guests. This has meant that ...
    • What a librarian can bring to your open online course development team. 

      MacIsaac, Peggy Lynn (2012-10-29)
      need to add abstract

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