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dc.contributor.authorYang, Guangbing
dc.contributor.authorTin, Tony
dc.contributor.authorElliott, Colin
dc.contributor.authorHutchison, Maureen
dc.contributor.authorMcGreal, Rory
dc.identifier.citationYang Guangbing, Tony Tin, Colin Elliott, Maureen Hutchison and Rory McGreal. “Designing a mobile device automatic detector to support mobile library systems.” M-libraries 2 : a virtual library in everyone's pocket. Eds. Mohamed Ally and Gill Needham. London: Facet, 2010.en
dc.descriptionThis is not available online. Link to publisher:
dc.description.abstractContent providers cannot ensure that digital material will be reformatted and accessed by any mobile device correctly due to mobile device limitations. A mobile device automatic detector can provide accurate information about devices accessing mobile library systems. This information can be used to properly render content for the specific device. This paper proposes an approach to designing a detector which will support mobile library systems so as to render web content dynamically and adaptively. The overall architecture of the detector is also discussed in this paper and follows from a simple experimental study to evaluate the design proposed here.en
dc.subjectmobile learningen
dc.subjectmobile detectionen
dc.subjectmobile libraryen
dc.subjectuser agenten
dc.subjectmobile device capabilitiesen
dc.titleDesigning a mobile device automatic detector to support mobile library systemsen
dc.typeBook chapteren

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