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    • From m-library to mobile ESL: Athabasca University as an advocate for mobile learning 

      Ally, Mohamed; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (m-Libraries 2007, 2007)
      Athabasca University (AU) library has taken an active role in advocating mobile learning within the institution and has been developing mobile friendly resources and services to cater to diverse learners since 2004. AU ...
    • Open library in your pocket – services to meet the needs of on- and off-campus users. 

      Tin, Tony; Sheikh, Hassan; Elliott, Colin (Facet, 2008)
    • Using 3D virtual worlds: engaging learners and providing social support 

      Annand, David; Schwede, Gunnar; Heller, Bob; Husch, Gabriela; Elliott, Colin (Canadian Institute of Distance Education Research (CIDER), 2008)
      Demonstrating how an avatar-based 3-D learning environment can more fully engage learners in their online educational experience, the volunteer team of developers from Athabasca University will showcase a prototype of a ...
    • Mobile library: connecting mobile learners to the library in the digital age 

      Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin; Kariel, Doug (Canada Library Association (CLA) Conference 2008, 2008)
      With the rapid evolution of technology today, distance education is about to shift to Mobile learning where e-learning materials are being delivered through mobile devices. Wireless and mobile technology provides flexibility ...
    • Open access archives and repositories 

      Schafer, Steve; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (Open Access Week 2009, 2009)
      Governments and research funding organizations are increasingly reluctant to fund research that is not widely distributed and affordable, creating the need for repositories through which scholars can legally distribute ...
    • Create mobile content using a mobile-friendly knowledge management system: The Athabasca University experience 

      Ally, Mohamed; Schafer, Steve; Guangbing, Yang; Geng, Hongxing; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (m-Libraries 2009, 2009)
      Very few knowledge management systems are mobile-friendly, resulting in limited access to content through mobile devices. Researchers and developers have put good effort into developing a mobile-friendly knowledge management ...
    • Mobile library: connecting new generations of learners to the library in the mobile age 

      Schafer, Steve; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (m-Libraries 2009, 2009)
      Digital library services delivered through mobile devices can offer flexibility in terms of access and content, increased hands-on experience, and enhanced information and mobile literacy skills of learners. Athabasca ...
    • Creating technology awareness among staff and faculty 

      Elliott, Colin (AACE, 2009)
      Rapid development and innovation of new technologies present many opportunities for improving learning. However, the fast rate of change, required technical aptitude, and available resources are barriers for people to adapt ...
    • Mobile design: interactive multimedia to support learning and teaching (Workshop) 

      Ally, Mohamed; Elliott, Colin; Schafer, Steve; Yang, Guangbing; Geng, Hongxing; Tin, Tony; Woodburn, Tracey (m-Libraries 2009, 2009)
      Aim of the workshop: The Athabasca University Library has developed many mobile friendly websites and features to help our students access resources. These include an autodetect feature which displays either mobile or ...
    • Designing a mobile device automatic detector to support mobile library systems 

      Yang, Guangbing; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin; Hutchison, Maureen; McGreal, Rory (Facet, 2010)
      Content providers cannot ensure that digital material will be reformatted and accessed by any mobile device correctly due to mobile device limitations. A mobile device automatic detector can provide accurate information ...
    • Empowering learners with mobile learning 

      Ally, Mohamed; Elliott, Colin; Woodburn, Tracey (ICT2010 Singapore, 2010)
      Anytime and anywhere learning is here with mobile learning. The use of mobile technologies will allow adult learners to access learning materials and support from anywhere and at anytime. Adult learners work full-time or ...
    • Innovation in workplace and language training; the Athabasca University mobile workplace project 

      Ally, Mohamed; Tin, Tony; Woodburn, Tracey; Elliott, Colin (ICT2010 Singapore, 2010)
      The need for studies on learning via mobile device, particularly how workplace and language training might be conducted, grows in importance, as more and more people become mobile device users. The Athabasca University ...
    • Bibliography of the Athabasca river basin: a digital tool for knowledge building and open access 

      Elliott, Colin (ABC Copyright Forum, 2010)
      Athabasca University’s Athabasca River Basin Research Institute is developing a bibliography of the Athabasca River Basin (BARB) as a digital tool to promote knowledge building and information sharing. This highly ...
    • Panel on open library, scholarship and learning at Athabasca University 

      Anderson, Terry; Ives, Cindy; Elliott, Colin (Open Access Week 2010, 2010)
      AUSpace: Building an effective institutional repository to support research communities and open access. AUSpace is Athabasca University’s (AU) digital content repository. Its goal is to preserve and disseminate AU ...
    • Mobile access for workplace and language training 

      Ally, Mohamed; Woodburn, Tracey; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (Facet, 2010)
    • Road to Mobile Learning 

      Elliott, Colin (mLearn 2011, 2011)
      To meet the needs of students, and fulfill Athabasca University‘s mission to remove barriers to learning, Athabasca University (AU) Library has initiated a number of mobile learning projects.The poster ―Road to Mobile ...
    • Bibliography of the Athabasca River Basin (BARB) Poster Presentation 

      Elliott, Colin (2011-04-27)
      An online, searchable bibliography of published materials relating to the Athabasca River Basin. BARB is intended to be a comprehensive resource for all researchers examining the Athabasca River Basin. A multidisciplinary ...
    • Panel on Moving to Open Educational Resources at Athabasca University 

      Ives, Cindy; Carter, Lisa; Tin, Tony; Elliott, Colin (2011-10-27)
      Dr. Cindy Ives, Director of the Centre for Learning Design and Development (CLDD) at Athabasca University, discusses recent projects in the CLDD that have focused on open educational resources including initiatives to ...
    • Digitizing Documents on the Athabasca River Basin 

      Elliott, Colin (Athabasca River Basin Research Institute (ARBRI) Day, 2015)
      The Repository expands upon ARBRI’s existing bibliography by providing accessibility to an extensive body of research and scholarly information relating to the Athabasca River Basin by digitizing materials, such as ...
    • The Digital Reading Room at Athabasca University 

      Elliott, Colin (Code4Lib Alberta, 2015)
      thabasca University Library has used a Digital Reading Room (DRR) to support courses for almost 10 years. While the old version of the DRR remained successful and functional, it was out of date and we embarked on a complete ...

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