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dc.contributor.authorStovin, Derek
dc.identifier.other2007 Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) Conference in Charlottetown, PI, June 22-30, 2007
dc.descriptionThe annual CAUBO conference was an excellent opportunity to network with senior university administrators from across Canada and to gain valuable insights from an excellent program of concurrent sessions. It is a large conference, which had over 500 delegates and I attended some worthwhile sessions. Three sessions stand out in my mind as particularly interesting and of value to AU. These sessions were on leadership styles, brain development implications for physical space design, and human resource challenges related to anticipated needs in senior management. The leadership session discussed the types of leadership that is appropriate for certain common situations and the impact of choosing the wrong leadership style for a particular situation. It provided a practical and theoretical model that I may use in future academic work. The brain development session gave a new understanding of how attachment is formed by students to their place of study. It raised very good points to consider in the context of AU for both academic and administrative (such as alumni relations) reasons. Finally, the human resource session was a reminder of the importance of formal succession planning initiatives but also of the importance of ‘timing’. Although the session did not directly address the issue, formal succession planning programs will not achieve their desired goals if positions are not available for individuals to move into when they are ready. The ability to be creative and responsive to the needs of employees, sometimes even creating positions and using mentors, in a timely manner is critical to employee retention and to the in-house development of future leaders. Thank you for the assistance that made attending this very worthwhile conference possible.en
dc.description.abstractCanadian Association of University Business Officials annual conference. I have recently taken on the position of Administrative Officer for the MAIS program and, as such, this is my relevent Canadian professional organization. The mission of the Canadian Association of University Business Officers is to promote and support the professional management and effective leadership in the administrative affairs of Canadian universities and colleges, and in doing so to help achieve the goals of the institutions we serve. Founded in 1937, CAUBO is a non-profit professional organization representing the interest of administrative and financial officers in Canadian universities and affiliated colleges. It is an umbrella organization for the many players in university administration. CAUBO is supported by a vibrant community of volunteers. It offers a wide array of programs and services, including an information repository that is a source of choice on administrative issues for members, partners and decision makers in higher education. I wish to attend as a participant. After attending for the first time, I will assess the possibility of presenting at the organization\'s annual conference in the future.en
dc.description.sponsorshipAcademic & Professional Development Fund (A&PDF)en

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