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dc.contributor.authorPeruniak, Geoff
dc.identifier.other13th Annual Regional Consultation for Career Development Conference in Edmonton, AB, May 2-4, 2007
dc.descriptionPresentation marked the culmination of 8 years of effort to create community in a conference setting. The session was well received but next time we would ask for more time for participants wanted to discuss for longer than we had time.en
dc.description.abstract1) What started as an attempt to establish a chapter of the CDAA evolved into something quite different. Not only did a chapter not become established but no guest speakers appeared in the 3-year period the group has been underway. This is the story of an alternative model of professional development from rural Alberta (Athabasca) – one that works from the inside out, that starts slow and small, and builds on practitioner’s personal experience. The presentation concerns attempts by this group to reconcile the professional role of practitioners with their personal selves. Participants are invited to join in this exploration. 2) Economic, technological and socio-cultural changes, both regionally and nationally, influence our work as career practitioners. How has your education prepared you to understand these changes and apply this understanding in your work with clients? What more do you think you need to help client’s address their career concerns? In an effort to address these questions, you are invited to discuss: - Education and training required by career practitioners - Highlights and shortfalls of your education - Delivery of education and training - Role that educational institutions, industry and government can play in developing and delivering education and trainingen
dc.description.sponsorshipAcademic & Professional Development Fund (A&PDF)en
dc.subjectProfessional Developmenten
dc.subjectpractitioner's personal experienceen
dc.title1) Reclaiming the Self: An Alternative Model to Professional Development and 2) Career Practitioner Education: Past, Present, Futureen

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