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    • Thinking About Birds, Thinking With Birds-Perspectives from Northwest North America 

      Main Johnson, Leslie (2010-07-14)
      Birds are salient actors in human environments around the world, and are carriers of meaning, their actions invested with a range of significance. This paper will present thoughts on the significance of birds in several ...
    • Towards a Real Virtual Classroom 

      Wang, Hongxue (Harris) (2010-07-14)
      Distance education is well regarded as a better way to bring education to those who are unable to attend classes at traditional schools and universities. In recent years, new Web technologies and systems such as Ajax, RSS, ...
    • Warhol Wild: Applied Colour Theory Course 

      Luckay, Jennifer (2011-03-30)
      The Pop Art movement and the iconic themes of Andy Warhol have opened up many doors to the joyous notions of colour and have allowed it to move beyond the boundaries of tradition. The wild experiments of the colour field ...
    • The Web of Identity: Selfhood and Belonging in Online Learning Networks 

      Koole, Marguerite (2010-06-17)
      In this paper, the reflexive relationship between social interaction and understanding of self in online learning networks is examined. In keeping with constructionism, we acknowledge the significance of social interaction ...
    • What Does Formal Online Debating Bring to Graduate Education? 

      Vandall-Walker, Virginia (2010-07-14)
      Debating is a formal process of argument that has a long tradition of application in education. Educators value it as a strategy for promoting the development of skills associated with influencing others using logic, facts, ...
    • What might cause a benevolent government to be corrupt when agents are honest? An Insight with triadic relationships 

      Roy, Saktinil (2010-08-11)
      Note: In order to make my points clear, I am providing an executive summary rather than an abstract. Executive Summary The extant literature that seeks to explain corruption in government bureaucracies usually refers ...
    • Whole-School Mental Health Programming: Concentric Collaborative Conversations 

      Chang, Jeff (2010-07-14)
      This workshop will describe the development and operation of the Wellness Empowerment Program (WEP), and a mental health capacity building project, funded by Alberta Health Services, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and operating ...
    • Workplaces of Teleworkers 

      Ng, Cheuk (2010-07-14)
      Teleworking has become quite popular in developed countries in recent years, but its growth has stabilized. A comfortable work environment at home is often cited as one key advantage of teleworking from home. Little ...

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