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dc.descriptionThe presentation was well received, and there were many questions asking further details on cognitive profiling and use of the adaptively mechanism in generic learning management systems. The presentation was able to generate better awareness of the benefits persona attributes such as learning styles could provide. The discussion was very fruitful in identifying extensions of the research, which would reflect in our future work. A Number of collaboration opportunities with various international l research groups have also been identifies, and we shall be following them up.en
dc.description.abstractConsidering learning styles in technology enhanced learning seems to be a promising concept for making learning easier for students. However, contradictory opinions exist on this issue. In this paper, we aim at investigating the possible benefits of providing students with courses that fit their learning styles based on the Felder-Silverman learning style model, showing whether and for whom adaptively can be helpful, how it can support students, and how effective adaptively can be for students with particular learning styles. The results of the analysis, conducted with data from 147 students, showed that students with different learning styles benefit from adaptively in different ways and extents. The findings provide deeper insights and help in understanding the effects and effectiveness of adaptive courses, considering different learning styles.en
dc.subjectLearning stylesen
dc.subjectAdaptive Coursesen
dc.subjectEnhanced Learningen
dc.titleInvestigations about the Effects and Effectiveness of Adaptively for Students with Different learning Stylesen

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