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dc.contributor.authorHutchison, Maureen
dc.descriptionWeek-long course relating to negotiation and conflict management theory, with application by course attendees in a group-based week-long simulation of a negotiation/conflict management situation. Lectures on negotiation and conflict management concepts/practices, and exploration of creativity/creative tools to address conflict and gain greater insight into conflict situations. Pre-in-residence course paper; in-residence simulation, presentation, and group paper; post- in-residence major individual assignment.en
dc.description.abstractIn this elective, we will introduce and examine the various conflict management and negotiation strategies and techniques. Participants will be introduced to how the application of creative thinking to conflict situations can help generate collaborative (win-win) solutions. Formal dispute resolution mechanisms including mediation and arbitration will also be covered. The course is intended to help students accomplish the following learning objectives: • to understand the nature of conflict and that conflict can serve a functional purpose • to learn the various strategies and techniques to manage conflicts • to be able to apply the most appropriate conflict resolution method to the situation • to gain practical experience on negotiations and other dispute resolution mechanisms The week will be spent in a combination of activities, probably including short lectures, negotiation simulation, group exercises, video and guest presentations. (Although the course concepts are generally applicable across a variety of settings, the focus of most activities will be on workplace conflicts, involving, for example, labour/employee relations.) Prior to the course, participants will be expected to do some preparatory work, such as reading the textbook and supplementary materials. During the residential week, participants should be prepared for intensive work that may extend into the evenings. (A tentative program outline will be distributed shortly before the program starts.) Participants will be required to submit a formal written assignment, due four weeks after the residential week, utilizing concepts, approaches and guidelines learned, as well as insights and experience obtained, during the course.en
dc.subjectNature of conflicten
dc.subjectExperience on negotiationsen
dc.subjectCourse conceptsen
dc.subjectNegotiation simulationen
dc.titleRNCM-656 Negotiations and Conflict Managementen

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