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dc.contributor.authorAlly, Mohamed
dc.descriptionThe session room was full with approximately 50 delegates in attendance. This was one of two sessions at the conference that presented on mobile learning. After the presentation, there were many questions and comments. Questions were related to how Athabasca University develop learning materials for mobile devices and whether we can share the developed materials. The delegates were happy to find out that the ESL mobile learning material is open source so that anyone can access the lessons. A few delegates approached the presenters after the workshop to find out how they can work with Athabasca University on mobile learning research.en
dc.description.abstractAs workers become more mobile and the demand for training increases, there will be increasing use of flexible delivery methods to train workers. One such delivery method is mobile learning which uses mobile technology to delivery instruction anywhere and at anytime. This presentation will report on a research project that is developing multimedia learning materials for delivery on mobile technology to train workers on workplace English so that they can function effectively in the job environment. This project is an extension of a previous project that used text-based materials on mobile technology for delivery of English grammar lesson. In the previous project, students recommended that multimedia should be included in the learning materials to make learning more effective The Workplace English will be developed in multimedia format for delivery on mobile technology. The mobile learning materials include text, audio, and video to enrich the learning process for students. At the end of each mobile learning lesson, the students will be given practice exercises to master the learning outcomes. Students will also be given a pre-test and a post-test to determine the amount learned from the lessons. At the end of the mobile learning lessons, students will be asked to complete a questionnaire to determine their experience when learning workplace English on mobile technology. The outcome of this research on workplace training using mobile technology will help educators and trainers to design effective mobile learning materials. Organizations will also learn how to develop and deliver training materials for mobile learning.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThis was a co-presentation with Rory McGreal, Steve Schafer and Tony Tinen
dc.subjectaccessible workplace learningen
dc.subjectmobile technologyen
dc.subjectmultimedia learning materialsen
dc.subjectEnglish grammaren
dc.title"Accessible Workplace Learning Using Mobile Technology"en

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