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dc.contributor.authorBaig, Veronica
dc.descriptionIn the end, only three of us presented at the three-hour long symposium--me, Debra Hoven, and Corinne Bosse. I covered the material that Tunde Tuzes had been going to present as well as my own section. I’ve attached copies of the ppt presentations I used for my parts of the presentation (E-Tools update and Critical Discussion Groups--I have to thank David Brundage for providing me with this last presentation). This particular session was the most highly attended of the symposia offered at the conference, and we received very positive feedback. The audience responded well to the variety of e-tools that we presented and asked a large number of questions about the techniques discussed. I started out be giving some background information about AU, so that we wouldn’t have to deal with those questions as we went through our various presentations. The more technical questions were answered by Debra or Corinne; I fielded the more general questions. It was a very worthwhile activity to showcase the variety of e-tools being used at AU, and, within the TESL community to showcase AU as a leader in Canada both in Distance Education and technological innovation. After the symposium was over, a number of participants approached us individually to tell us how much they had appreciated the session and how much they had learned from it.en
dc.description.abstract1. Symposium: Technology is becoming increasingly important in all language learning; in distance education, it plays a vital role. Athabasca University staff employ a variety of e-tools to help deliver effective language programs to students throughout Canada and around the world. The presenters will discuss the e-tools that they are using or have worked with to promote language learning. These e-tools include moodle, discussion boards, peer editing, blogs, wimba, and mobile learning. The presentation includes a demonstration of these selected e-tools.en
dc.subjectDistance Educationen
dc.titleE-Tools and Teaching ESL Through Distance Education, paper presentation at the Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Canada 2008 Conference, May 29-31, 2008, Moncton, NBen

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