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dc.contributor.authorWheeler, Winona
dc.description.abstractSponsored by the Centre for Rupert's Land Studies in collaboration with host sponsors the Friends of the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site, the David Thompson Centennial Brigade and the Rocky Mountain House community. Rich in the history of the fur trade, voyageurs and adventurers, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta is an ideal location for the 2008 Rupert's Land Colloquium. The North Saskatchewan River brought fur traders here over 200 years ago. Pushing ever further west from Hudson Bay and Montreal, rival companies in fierce competition sought to extend trade to more groups of Aboriginal people. In the year 1799, two trading posts were established: Acton House by the Hudson' s Bay Company and Rocky Mountain House by the North West Company. These two companies, before and after amalgamation, traded with nine different Aboriginal Peoples in the Rocky Mountains. 2008 marks the 200th anniversary of David Thompson' s arrival at Rocky Mountain House after spending the winter on the west side of the Rocky Mountains. He was making his way to Fort William to bring news of his breakthrough into the Pacific watershed. Distinctive pre and post colloquium activities are in the works. Themes being considered for the pre-colloquium workshop, which will have a First Nations focus, include: cultural property, traditions and protocols; repatriation ceremonies; and ethics of research involving Indigenous Peoples.en
dc.description.sponsorshipAcademic & Professional Development Fund (A&PDF)en
dc.relation.ispartofseries92.927.G1030 & 83.R020.0902;
dc.subjectFisher River Creeen
dc.subjectTreaty No.5 First Nationen
dc.titleThe Fur Trade, Treaty No. 5 and the Fisher River First Nationen

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