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dc.contributor.authorLuckay, Jennifer
dc.identifier.uri /1773
dc.descriptionThe 2008 CASE Campaign Strategies and Campaign Communications Conference provided me with the following: Gained an understanding of the building blocks for a successful campaign. Learned tips and strategies for successfully completing a campaign during periods of transitions. Discussed new approaches to campaigns and campaign planning. Received tips on recruiting and maintaining quality staff during a campaign. Discovered how to engage the entire university in the campaign. Gained insight into today’s campaign culture and learned how to prepare internal and external constituents for success in this environment. Details on devising a comprehensive communication plan, campaign cases and proposals that will motivate. Inspired to develop and reinvigorate, campaign materials that tell the story in creative ways. New ways to expand our campaign communications and other resourceful ways to reach our audience. Network with colleagues who are in various stages of comprehensive campaigns. The conference also showed various examples and case studies from other institutions on the progress and process for an effective campaign. Further explained team’s roles, individual mandates, team goals, department goals and overall institutional goals and measurable ways to reach them. Discussed the variety of students currently enrolled and various trends. Discussed ways to reach donors and seal the bid for support. And touched on current marketing trends as it pertains to academic institutions. It was a fabulous conference and was very pleased to have attended. Thank you.en
dc.description.abstractLearn how to assess, plan, organize, manage, and complete a successful campaign that will fulfill your institution’s top priorities. Find a campaign communications approach that is right for your institution, your donors, and your communications team.en
dc.description.sponsorshipAcademic & Professional Development Fund (A&PDF)en
dc.subjectcampaign strategiesen
dc.subjectcampaign communicationsen
dc.titleAttended the 2008 Campaign Strategies & Campaign Communications Conference in San Francisco, CA, May 19-22, 2008en

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