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dc.contributor.authorAlly, Mohamed
dc.identifier.uri /1752
dc.descriptionThis first presentation was attended by approximately 40 people from many countries. The first part of the paper presented information on why the research study was conducted while the second part of the paper presented details on the research study. Many attendees are starting to use Moodle as the Learning Management System (LMS) and are interested in finding out how AU is planning to use Moodle on mobile devices. At the end of the session there were questions on the implementation of Moodle on mobile devices. The time for the presentation was short. It would have been helpful to have a longer session.en
dc.description.abstract1. The goal of the UMLAUT-M project is to investigate the viability and pedagogic usefulness of mobile access to online course materials. Although the project team is composed of researchers and programmers from the United Kingdom and Canada, the project itself is being conducted at a distance University in Canada. Students of this university receive textbooks, manuals, and other materials through the mail. Currently, there is some provision for person to person interaction through telephones, the learning management system (Moodle), and various other electronic tools. Yet, there remains an apparent lack of "connectedness" among learners because of the physical and temporal separation of the instructors and the learners. The project tested a system called MobiGlam which allows students to access Moodle courses through a variety of mobile devices such as cellular telephones, PDAs, and smartphones.en
dc.description.sponsorshipAcademic & Professional Development Fund (A&PDF)en
dc.subjectmobile access to online course materialsen
dc.titleUnderstanding Mobile Learning at Athabasca University through MobiGlam (UMLAUT-M): Do the Benefits Justify the Cost and Time? at the 2008 International Conferfence on Mobile Learningen

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