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dc.contributor.authorFahy, Patrick J.
dc.contributor.authorAlly, Mohamed
dc.identifier.citationFahy, P. J. & Ally, M. (2005). Student learning style and asynchronous computer-mediated conferencing. American Journal of Distance Education, 19(1), pp. 5 – 22.en
dc.description.abstractAbstract: This paper describes a study of the relationship between learning style, as measured by the Kolb Learning Style Inventory, and online communication behavior, as measured by analysis of transcripts of CMC interaction using a previously developed tool. Communication style was inferred from the pattern of responses observed in online situations. Analysis of a corpus of over 5900 sentences, generated by 40 graduate students in moderated online conferences from two different courses, showed that some theoretical predications of the Kolb learning style model were confirmed, especially for the dichotomous types Convergers and Divergers, and Assimilators and Accommodators. Some suggestions for instructors, moderators, instructional designers, and future researchers conclude the paper.en
dc.format.extent205824 bytes
dc.publisherAmerican Journal of Distance Educationen
dc.titleStudent learning style and asynchronous computer-mediated conferencing.en

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