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    • Co-orbitals CASCA Talk 

      Connors, Martin; Veillet, Christian; Stacey, R. Greg; Brasser, Ramon; Wiegert, Paul; Innanen, Kimmo A. (2006-06)
      Presentation from CASCA 2006 covering general aspects of co-orbital motion with emphasis on the fact that they would be good targets for space missions.
    • Inner solar system dynamical analogs of plutinos 

      Connors, Martin; Stacey, R. Greg; Wiegert, Paul; Brasser, Ramon (2007-11-20)
      By studying orbits of asteroids potentially in 3:2 exterior mean motion resonance with Earth, Venus, and Mars, we have found plutino analogs. We identify at least 27 objects in the inner solar system dynamically protected ...
    • A One-meter Robotic Telescope for Western Canada 

      Martin, Brian; Connors, Martin (2008-10-11)
      1-m class telescopes are arguably the workhorses of modern astronomy and represent an excellent return of science for a relatively modest capital investment. Such instruments can be used in large-field survey work, ...

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