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    • The odoriferous glands of some Palpatores Phalangida (Opiliones) (Arachnida) 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (The University of Saskatchewan, 1971)
      The odoriferous glands of especially Phalangium opilio and to a lesser extent Opiliones parietinus, Odiellus pictus, Homolophus biceps, Leiobunum calcar and L.. vittatum were investigated by: external examination; dissection; ...
    • On the Design of Collective Applications 

      Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (2009-09-09)
      In this paper we define collective applications as those that employ the aggregated distinct behaviours of individuals in a crowd to shape their environment and to provide structure and influence in that environment. Such ...
    • On the Design of Social Media for Learning 

      Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (social sciences, 2014-08-08)
      This paper presents two conceptual models that we have developed for understanding ways that social media can support learning. One model relates to the “social” aspect of social media, describing the different ways that ...
    • A One-meter Robotic Telescope for Western Canada 

      Martin, Brian; Connors, Martin (2008-10-11)
      1-m class telescopes are arguably the workhorses of modern astronomy and represent an excellent return of science for a relatively modest capital investment. Such instruments can be used in large-field survey work, ...
    • An Online Mechanics Experiment 

      Connors, Martin; Bredeson, Christy (2006-09-30)
      Physics distance education has grown rapidly in recent years. The theory part of a physics course taught in this way has much common ground with other courses. However, lab instruction is an important part of introductory ...
    • Onsets and Flapping Studied Using a Dynamic Harris Sheet Model 

      Connors, Martin; Lerner, Rob; Gaugey, Geraldine; Lavraud, Benoit; Volwerk, Martin; McPherron, Robert L. (2007-10-31)
      We have developed a nonlinear fitting routine for the Harris current sheet based on magnetic data, and applied it to 71 plasma sheet crossings by Cluster. In most cases this simple fit appeared to represent the magnetic ...
    • "Open and Closed" Getting the mix right. Who gets to Decide?? 

      Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry; Siemens, George (2012-10-26)
      Despite the desirability of "Making Open the Default" as the theme of this year’s open access week, there are many reasons that can and should influence a person and an organization to restrict access to content. In this ...
    • Optimization of Models 

      Connors, Martin (University of Alberta, 1998)
      The parameters of model auroral current systems were described in the previous chapter. To model the currents at any given time, these parameters must be adjusted to provide an optimal match to the available observations. ...
    • Oriental gardens: islands of tranquility. 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (2007-12-10)
    • Over 230 Attend Boreal Conference 

      Holmberg, Robert G.; Schmittroth, Louis (The Athabaskan, 1991-10-14)
    • Overwintering aggregations of Leiobunum paessleri in caves and mines (Arachnida, Opiliones). 

      Holmberg, Robert G.; Angerilli, Nello P. D.; LaCasse, Len J. (Journal of Arachnology, 1984)
      In the forested mountain areas of southwestern Canada, Leiobunull1 paessleri (Roewer) form overwintering aggregations in the twilight regions of moist caves and mines. Each aggregation consists of adults of both sexes ...
    • P-learning’s unwelcome legacy 

      Dron, Jon (2016)
      Formal teaching of adults has evolved in a context de ned, initially, by the constraints of physical boundaries. Classroom walls directly entail timetables, norms and rules of behaviour, social segregation into organized ...
    • Physical Parameters of Substorms from Automated Forward Modeling 

      Connors, Martin; Ponto, Jason; McPherron, Robert L. (2006-07-08)
      AFM technique applied to give average parameters of substorms and relation to AL index, Weimer parametrization, optical data
    • Physical Processes 

      Connors, Martin (1998)
      Physical processes in near-Earth space with attention to ground and satellite magnetic fields.
    • Physicians and health promotion 

      Temple, Norman J. (Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2005-12-05)
    • DE Pictures 

      McMullin, Blaise (2006-07-10)
      Photos of remote labs and DE student.
    • Plagiarism: hazardous to your academic success 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (Voice, 2000-03)
    • Plant Communities and Diversity in Boreal Wooded Fens: An Ecoregional Perspective 

      Locky, David A. (2009-07-06)
      Ecoregions are increasingly being used as a framework for conservation planning. The Mid-Boreal Uplands Ecoregion stretches across western Canada from Manitoba to British Columbia. Within this Ecoregion (Manitoba to Alberta), ...
    • Polynomials: An Introduction 

      Peschke, Julie (2008-01-14)
      This is a tutorial introducting polynomials of one or several variables. It discusses their degrees, their terms and the factoring of these terms.

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