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    • Laboratory work in distance education 

      Holmberg, Robert G.; Bakshi, Trilochan S. (Distance Education, 1982)
      A major concern in distance education is how to overcome the problems associated with laboratory components of courses. In this paper we review the general importance of laboratory work for students, summarise the ...
    • LEARN: Logarithm Exercises 

      Peschke, Julie (2007-03-27)
      This is an interactive document consisting of exercises in evaluating logarithms to different bases.
    • Learning technology through three generations of technology enhanced distance education pedagogy 

      Anderson, Terry; Dron, Jon (European Open and Distance Learning Journal, 2012)
      This paper updates earlier work in which we defined three generations of distance education pedagogy. We then describe emerging technologies that are most conducive to instructional designs that evolve with each generation. ...
    • Letters to the editor: A Pulp Mill For Athabasca? 

      Holmberg, Robert G.; Johnstone, Barry (Athabasca Advertiser, 1988-08-08)
    • Letters: And where do hermaphrodites fit in? 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (Edmonton Journal, 2005-03-06)
    • Lice: they may be closer than you think 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (Athabasca Advocate, 1998-02-03)
    • linfit code 

      Connors, Martin (2006-07-05)
      Linear fit to an arbitrarily long 2-column dataset.
    • LISTEN: Logarithm Definition and Examples 

      Peschke, Julie (2007-03-27)
      This is a narrative document on the definition of logarithm which includes examples of finding logarithms to different bases.
    • Local Residents Voice Concerns About Pulp Mill 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (Athabasca Advocate, 1988-08-08)
    • Lost in social space: Information retrieval issues in Web 1.5 

      Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (Journal of Digital Information, 2009-01)
      This paper is concerned with the application of Web 2.0 technologies within a conventional institutional learning setting. After considering the affordances of Web 2.0 technologies vs Web 1.0 technologies and a framework ...
    • May 25, 2007 Meteor 

      Connors, Martin (Please contact Martin Connors for more information:, 2007-05-31)
      The file shows a view of the whole sky on Friday May 25 at 1:07:20 am with data from 1:07:24 superposed. This shows the meteor track in the southern sky, inside the box near the bottom along with the start point just ...
    • Medical research: a bettor's guide 

      Roberts, Seth; Temple, Norman J. (American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2002)
    • More on those pesky mosquitoes 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (Athabasca Advocate, 1999-07-06)
    • Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense (MZB) 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (Newsletter of the American Arachnological Society, 1998)
    • Noctilucent Cloud Videos, Jun 23 2006 

      Shelton, Ian; Dalin, Peter; Connors, Martin; Zalcik, Mark (2006-07-23)
      Videos of noctilucent clouds (NLC) seen from Athabasca University Geophysical Observatory on June 23 2006. NLC are mesospheric clouds which are very high and lit up by the sun despite it being well below the horizon at the ...
    • Nutrition and disease: challenges of research design 

      Temple, Norman J. (Nutrition, 2002)
      This review discusses research methodology in the relation between diet and disease. Medical research can be divided into two types: complex research (the detailed study of disease mechanisms using such methods as ...
    • Nutrition in cancer prevention: an integrated approach 

      Temple, Norman J.; Balay-Karperien, Audrey L. (Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2002)
      There is considerable evidence that the war on cancer is not being won. There is, however, strong evidence that a substantial fraction of cancer can be prevented by using existing nutritional knowledge. In this paper we ...
    • The odoriferous glands of some Palpatores Phalangida (Opiliones) (Arachnida) 

      Holmberg, Robert G. (The University of Saskatchewan, 1971)
      The odoriferous glands of especially Phalangium opilio and to a lesser extent Opiliones parietinus, Odiellus pictus, Homolophus biceps, Leiobunum calcar and L.. vittatum were investigated by: external examination; dissection; ...
    • On the Design of Collective Applications 

      Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (2009-09-09)
      In this paper we define collective applications as those that employ the aggregated distinct behaviours of individuals in a crowd to shape their environment and to provide structure and influence in that environment. Such ...
    • On the Design of Social Media for Learning 

      Dron, Jon; Anderson, Terry (social sciences, 2014-08-08)
      This paper presents two conceptual models that we have developed for understanding ways that social media can support learning. One model relates to the “social” aspect of social media, describing the different ways that ...

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