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dc.contributor.authorYan, Hongxin
dc.descriptionOn October 16-18, I attended ICDE 25th 2013 conference hosted in Tianjin of China. At the conference I presented a paper titled: “An Interactive OER Course Development at Athabasca University based on ODL Principles to Increase Completion Rates in Calculus”, which was written by Dr. Sandra Law and me. This paper documents an Inukshuk Wireless-funded project that involved the design and development of an authoring tool (Athabasca University Tutor Authoring Tool or AUTAT) that was used to create a set of standalone learning modules intended for use by students struggling in first-year calculus courses. Introductory calculus is a popular course at universities across Canada but has one of the lowest completion rates of all courses offered at the introductory level. Interactive components of the just-in-time learning modules were designed using the AUTAT. This paper was awarded as a) The Honorable Mention of the Best Paper of ICDE25th; b) ICDE Prizes for Innovation and Best Practices of 2013; This award recognizes all of the work done by a team of AU employees (learning designers, editors, web specialists, visual designers, Flash specialists, and faculty) to move mathematics instruction into the online environment and to participate in the open education movement (by providing the learning modules and the AUTAT to the world at large through the AU OCW site We would like to acknowledge the assistance of content experts and instructional designer from member institutions within the Canadian Virtual University (CVU) for their reviews of the modules. The work completed on this project has informed course design in mathematics, e.g. use of MathML (W3C recommended format for displaying mathematics online).en
dc.description.abstractFailure rates in first year calculus courses are high in most post-secondary institutions across North America and other parts of the world. This Inukshuk-funded open education project involved the development of five stand-alone pre-calculus learning modules. These modules were designed to increase retention and completion rates for learners in first year calculus courses and to support learners enrolled in first year calculus by providing just-in-time instruction in five areas. One of the major challenges of the project was developing dynamic activities that could support the display of a variety of mathematical formulas. To this end an open source Flash-based authoring tool was developed called the Athabasca University Tutor Authoring Tool (AUTAT). This paper explores the design and development of the AUTAT based on the needs assessment and design principles discussed.en
dc.subjectODL Principlesen
dc.subjectAuthoring Toolen
dc.titleAn Interactive OER Course Development at Athabasca University based on ODL Principlesen

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