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dc.contributor.authorPannekoek, Frits
dc.identifier.citationMontana : the Magazine of Western History (Autumn 1996), Vol. 46, No. 3, pp. 56-61.en
dc.description.abstractThe Medicine Line, the name given by the Blackfoot to the Canadian-American border, reflects the "magic" that it imposes on certain people. How can similar peoples sharing the same continent be so different when divided by the "Medicine Line"? There is also another interpretation of the border. Many Canadians see it as a thin red line: the 49th parallel protects their rather fragile culture from unimaginable incursions from the south. (This commentary is adapted from an address he [the author] presented at the Montana History Conference in Helena in October 1995.)en
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dc.publisherMontana, the Magazine of Western Historyen
dc.subjectMedicine Lineen
dc.subjectCanadian-American relationsen
dc.subject49th parallelen
dc.subjectCanadian-American borderen
dc.titleThe Medicine Line and the Thin Red Lineen

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