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dc.contributor.authorNuttgens, Simon
dc.descriptionAt the 2013 Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Annual Conference I gave a 45-minute presentation on the ethics of online counselling. The presentation was based on a recent chapter on this topic written for the revised Canadian Handbook of Counselling Ethics. The presentation was very well received drawing comments such as “thorough”, “leading the pack”, and “applicable to my practice”.en
dc.description.abstractThe rapid growth of Internet technologies has brought new opportunities for the design and delivery of counselling services. As little as 10 years ago e-counselling and similar services were at the periphery of the profession; now almost all counsellors use technology in their practice in some capacity. It is important for counsellors to be aware of the myriad ethic considerations that accompany the use of web technologies in counselling. In this presentation, I will identify these considerations and through a review of relevant literature and ethical codes and standards, suggest ways for counsellors to address ethical concerns when using internet-based services in their practice.en
dc.subjectInternet technologiesen
dc.subjectCounselling servicesen
dc.subjectEthic considerationsen
dc.titleThe Ethics of Internet-Based Counselling Servicesen

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