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    • Telling Alberta Workers' Story 

      Finkel, Alvin (2013-07-09)
      Alvin Finkel, "Telling Alberta Workers' Story": This paper will deal with the strengths and weaknesses of the Alberta Labour History Institute's efforts to work closely with the union movement in "Project 2012" to tell the ...
    • Testing under Pressure 

      Loken, Geoff (2014-01-16)
      “For most of us, testing shares more in common with emergency response than with airplane maintenance. In a perfect world we’d check the torque on every bolt, and leave the runway with 100% certainty every flight. Most ...
    • Two School-Based Mental Health Services: One Systemic Approach 

      Chang, Jeff (2014-01-16)
      This presentation focuses on the development, operation, and evolution of two school-based, mental health consultation services operating in private and charter schools in Calgary, AB, Canada. First, I describe the ...
    • The utility of portable optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) readers in providing temporal contexts in clastic depositional systems: opportunities in geomorphology 

      Munyikwa, Ken (2014-01-16)
      The recent development ofa functional portable optically stimulated luminescence (POSL) readers has ushered in new opportunities in geomorphology. Although POSL readers do not necessarily provide absolute ages as in regular ...
    • Vorkuta: Three Chapters in the Making of a Working Class 

      Kellogg, Paul (2014-01-16)
      In the 1930s, Vorkuta in Siberia emerged as one of the Soviet Union’s principle sources of coal. It was also the principal site of the final horror of Stalin’s extermination of the politicized workers who had raised the ...
    • Working Anytime Anywhere: Mobile Knowledge Workers 

      Ng, Cheuk (2014-01-16)
      Recent advances in mobile technologies and the popular use of mobile devices in our daily lives suggest that knowledge worker can now work from anywhere at any time, or while on the move. Is this true? Research suggests ...
    • World and Nation in Humanitarian Writing 

      Choudhury, Romita (2013-07-09)
      In spite of the imperialist spectre that continues to haunt the environment of cosmopolitanism, the desire to locate a “genuine” strand of human interconnection beyond neo-liberal defenses of globalization and official ...
    • Writing for Publication and Nurse Practitioners Readiness for Practice 

      Fraser, Debbie (2014-01-16)
      Writing for Publication: Debbie Fraser An integral component of furthering nursing knowledge, scholarly writing is a part of any advanced practice nursing role. Too often however, as busy professionals we find reasons to ...

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