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dc.contributor.authorTin, Tony
dc.descriptionThis was a great international conference with large participation from M-learn researchers worldwide. The conference atmosphere was very inviting. I presented a poster and a long paper in the conference. Both presentations were well received by the participants. We had received many positive feedbacks and suggestions from the participants. These feedbacks and suggestions would be useful to our future research on mobile learning. In short, It is one of the best m-learn conference that I have attended. I have found it useful to my research and professional development.en
dc.description.abstractOn a daily basis new applications for mobile technology are being developed and released which in turn offer increased mLearning possibilities and support to various groups of people. In South Africa, the rate of adoption of cell phone technology, particularly, is much higher than other stationary types of technologies such as personal computers. Most mobile technology and applications are developed for younger and middle-aged people, as they are the fastest adopters. Unfortunately, this race is leaving the elderly behind. The mature generation needs more support in order to cope with the increasing physical challenges which accompany the process of growing older. With all the benefits that mobile technology presents, it seems reasonable to include this generation in the growing mobile community as they are an integral part of our society. This paper attempts to investigate, by means of a questionnaire, whether mobile technology is being used by the mature generation, as well as how it could potentially be used to support them.en
dc.subjectMobile Technologyen
dc.subjectCell Phone Technologyen
dc.subjectMature Generationen
dc.titleBack to the future: Who cares about the NetGen if mobile technology can help the Matures?en

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