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dc.contributor.authorElliott, Colin
dc.descriptionWhile the conference was a little lacking in organization and some of the sessions were weak, there were also some great sessions and people that balanced those out. I presented a poster that highlighted much of the mobile development that we have done at AU. The poster was well received and there was a lot of lively discussion about all of the posters among a friendly group. There were many great opportunities for networking and sharing of ideas and work. The biggest impact for me was talking to Chinese colleagues. I talked to one young company vice president who talked about the scale of what his company does. They are not interested in projects that target thousands of users, their projects target millions. Talking to him and others really brought to life the massive potential of mlearning to reach so many learners.en
dc.description.abstractTo meet the needs of students, and fulfill Athabasca University’s mission to remove barriers to learning, Athabasca University (AU) Library has initiated a number of mobile learning projects. The poster “Road to Mobile Learning” examines some of the reasons why AU undertook these projects, a brief summary of some of the content, guidelines and features of AU projects, and some of the challenges and opportunities in the future. There is a new generation of students that are technologically savvy, can adapt to technology, and want to access information quickly. To meet the needs of these students Athabasca University Library has initiated a number of mobile language projects. The first of these projects was the English as a Second Language project ( This project delivered content to very basic mobile devices. The content was mostly text based with few images and no video or audio. Following up on ESLAU, the Workplace English website ( was created in response to feedback on the ESL site. On this site, students are able to access learning resources, in interactive module formats with multimedia rich content (such as text, audio, and video) on demand, with the goal of increasing their motivation and interest while facilitating self-directed study. The French as a Second Language site (, contains lessons, interactive exercises, and audio clips. It was also developed in our Mobile Knowledge Management System (MKMS) which allows for dynamic editing of content. The MKMS was a significant advance as it is now possible for anyone to create a mobile website with little effort and no specialized knowledge. Future development offers both possibilities and challenges. Devices are becoming much more powerful and capable allowing for full multimedia content. Applications are also a good way of connecting users to content. Unfortunately, applications are fragmented between different devices and developing for all is very expensive.en
dc.subjectMobile Learningen
dc.subjectAthabasca Universityen
dc.titleRoad to Mobile Learningen

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