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    • The Cento, Romanticism, and Copyright 

      McCutcheon, Mark A. (English Studies in Canada, 2013)
      This article excavates the obscure literary genre of the cento – a genre of poetry defined by its wholly derivative composition from quotations of other works – and its supplementary relation to Romantic literature and the ...
    • A Close Reading of Part 5 of Robert Kroetsch’s 1977 long poem SEED CATALOGUE 

      McCutcheon, Mark A. (The Explicator, 2017)
      A close reading of Part 5 of Robert Kroetsch's 1977 long poem Seed Catalogue
    • Liber Amoris and the Lineaments of Hazlitt’s Desire 

      McCutcheon, Mark A. (TSLL, University of Texas Press, 2004)
      This essay counters the literary critical consensus whereby William Hazlitt’s representations of the woman he arguably libeled in Liber Amoris have been taken at face value. The essay first historicizes Hazlitt’s professional ...
    • On "Vulgar Exhibition": Hazlitt, "The Fight" and the Pornography of Popularity 

      McCutcheon, Mark A. (Nineteenth-Century Prose, 2009)
      This essay pursues Hazlitt as a case in Cultural Studies historiography by reading his 1822 essay "The Fight" as a contribution to the historical emergence of the discourse of "popular culture" as a class-inflected euphemism ...

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