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    • The DJ as Critic, "constructing a sort of argument" 

      McCutcheon, Mark A. (English Studies in Canada, 2015)
      Countering romanticized representations of the disc jockey (DJ) as author, rock star, or shaman, this essay argues that the DJ is best understood as a critic, emblematic of appropriation as criticism in a mediascape ...
    • Liber Amoris and the Lineaments of Hazlitt’s Desire 

      McCutcheon, Mark A. (TSLL, University of Texas Press, 2004)
      This essay counters the literary critical consensus whereby William Hazlitt’s representations of the woman he arguably libeled in Liber Amoris have been taken at face value. The essay first historicizes Hazlitt’s professional ...
    • Stephen Harper as killer robot 

      McCutcheon, Mark A. (English Studies in Canada, 2017)
      In popular culture and public discourse, especially on the Internet, the image of Canada’s former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is conspicuously characterized and caricatured as robotic [...] Amidst popular culture’s hordes ...

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